10 Free Woodworking Plans And How To Make The Best Of It

Woodworking is a field that will give you ample opportunities to explore your creativity, especiall when you can find free woodworking plans & patterns on the internet. From conceptualizing your own woodwork designs to creating them in real out of wood, there is no dearth of ways in this field to exercise your brains. True that by creating your own woodworking plans, you add a bit of individuality and a personal touch in the piece you create. However, when you are just beginning in this field, you will need good woodworking plans to get started. Else, you might just create things of wood that are proportionally incorrect or not sized right, making the whole process of creating it, a waste of time, effort and money. Now imagine, how great it would be if you could get hold onto some great free woodworking plans. Yes, you heard it right you don’t have to pay for it. It can be especially useful for beginners; you do not want to spend too much for getting started.

We humans have a tendency to be pleased when we can get hold of something great for free. Of course, one should be choosy here, as not all free stuff is good.

Great free woodworking plans should contain the following aspects:

  • It must come with the blueprint of the final wooden piece with step by step and possibly pictorial detailed assembly instructions.
  • The materials needed for the project should be listed and itemized.
  • All the woodworking tools needed for the completion of the project should be mentioned
  • All the safety precautions that need to be followed while working on the project should be mentioned.
  • A couple of finishing options should be provided.

One cannot really expect to find free woodworking plans that meets all the criteria listed above, but at least they must have the top three features to be really useful. Following such plans doesn’t mean that you have to follow them exactly. They are great if you want to have to have a sense of proportions and construction ideas. You can customize it as per your needs once you have honed your woodworking skills commendably.

The good thing about the surge of Internet for woodworking enthusiasts is that, there are a number of resources that can provide them with some great free woodworking plans. To make the task easier for you and to ensure that you don’t have to scan the web for free woodworking plans that actually works, we are going to list some of our favorite resources of the same here.

–          Popular Woodworking Free Plans:

Anyone in the field of woodworking must have heard about this magazine. They also have a great site that offers some great woodworking articles, tips, tool reviews as well as free woodworking plans among other things. The only thing that you need to do to have their free woodworking plans at your disposal is that to register at their site for free and get instant access. It can’t get better than this. Click on the link below for more.


Popular Woodworking
Free woodworking plans by popular woodworking


–          Woodworking for Mere Mortals Woodworking Plans:

This is another great woodworking site that is quite popular among woodworker on the Internet. A good lot of information, articles, tips and techniques, videos are shared here. There are some very detailed free woodworking plans that are available in pdf format making it easily downloadable for instant use. Each of them is accompanied with a sketch up file and video, making the process of creating it even easier. And the best part is that you do not need to register at the site. But, when you use these detailed plans you will definitely feel like acknowledging your thanks to the woodworker and author of the site Steven Ramsey. Here is the link to get the access to the free woodworking plans.



–          About.com Woodworking Plans:

There is no topic that about.com doesn’t write about and woodworking is no different. In the woodworking section of this site you can get a lot of information on woodworking. Plus they too have a section for free woodworking plans. Click the link below to check them out.



–          Woodsmith Shop Woodworking plans:

When it comes to free woodworking plans, this site ranks well too. There are a number of plans that can be accessed for free, plus most of the plans also come with a video showing the process of making the wooden piece in details.


woodsmith shop woodworking
Free woodworking plans from the woodsmith shop magazine.


–          Wood Magazine Woodworking Plans:

The wood magazine is a premier name in the field of woodworking. They have a very good site that has lots of information on woodworking right from woodworking projects, tools reviews, practical woodworking tips and techniques and more. Their free woodworking plan section is also commendable. Click the link below to check out what all they are giving out for free.



–          Woodworker’s Journal Woodworking Plans:

The woodworker’s journal is also a very useful online resource for woodworkers. They keep sharing some free woodworking plans for projects every month. So, keep checking this space for something interesting. Here is the link.



–          Wood Gears Woodworking Plans

This is another useful resource for free woodworking plans online. All the plans shared here are drawn the Google Sketch Up software and are accompanied with a detailed article explaining the process of making it. Here is the link to get access to the plans on this site.



So, now you have quite a number of resources from where you can get free downloadable woodworking plans. Whenever using these plans to start a particular woodworking project, always ensure that you have gone through it thoroughly and have understood each and every step. You should have the tools and materials needed to get started with it. If you are a novice woodworker, it is always advisable that you work on such projects under the supervision of an experienced woodworker in the beginning. Once, you are confident about your skills, you can carry out such tasks independently.

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