10 Table Saw Safety Rules Any Woodworker Should Follow

The table saw is one of the most versatile and widely used power tools in a woodworking workshop.  It is also one of the most dangerous tools, if not used with proper caution and safety. In order to make the most of this tool in your workshop, here are the table saw safety rules that you should always keep in mind and follow.

Woodworking Saftey Tips

1. Read the instruction manual thoroughly:

Read the instruction manual thoroughly

Before setting up and using a table saw, it is important that one goes through the instruction manual thoroughly. It will help you in familiarizing with the various parts of this machine and you will also get to know about the manufacturer’s recommended precautions and table saw safety rules.

2. Wear Safety Equipments:

Wear Safety Equipments

The importance of wearing appropriate safety equipments while working with a table saw cannot be emphasized enough.  Safety glasses, hearing protection and wearing appropriate clothing are a must.

3. Keep the work area clean:

Keep the work area clean

The floor in front of the table saw should always be kept clean and free of cuts and saw dust. There should be no obstacle on its way that can make anyone trip and fall near the table saw.

4. Disconnect Power Before Changing Blade:

This is another table saw safety rule that one need to follow without fail. Whenever you need to change the blade or make any other adjustments, always remember to switch off the power first. This way any accidents resulting due to table saw being on can be avoided.

5. Never Reach over a moving blade:

Reaching out over a moving blade can be extremely dangerous. Always wait till the blade comes to a stop before reaching over it to make any adjustments.

Never Reach over a moving blade

6. Ensure that your saw blades are always sharp:

A blunt and poor quality saw blade will not only compromise the quality of your work but can also be a reason for unwarranted accidents. Always make sure that the blades are sharp enough to carry out the job they are meant to do.

7. Never attempt a free cut:

It will be fool hardy to attempt a free-hand cut when using a table saw. Always use either a fence gauge or a miter gauge to guide the stock.

8. Make use of a push stick:

It is important to ensure the safety of your fingers when working with a table saw. A push stick is especially handy for that as it will help in pushing the blade through the blade when it is cutting the last six inches of a board.

9. Use Zero clearance inserts:

Using a zero tolerance insert will ensure a cleaner cut and will prevent narrow pieces from falling into the saw cabinet and become a projectile.

10. Take a Good Position:

Stand with your feet apart for good balance. It is important especially when cutting long stock that needs the operator to take steps towards the saw to help in the feed. Ensure that the shoes you wear in the workshop have non-slippery soles.

Always follow these table saw safety rules and stay safe while working with your table saw.

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