12 DIY Wood Projects That You Will Love To Try

Woodworking projects can be great fun. If you are looking for DIY wood projects that are not your run-of-the-mill kind, are pretty simple to execute, but still look different and nice, then here is a list of 12 such projects. These projects will suit beginners and experienced woodworker’s alike and the best thing about them is, they won’t cost you much.

People take up woodworking for various reasons – while some are professionals who earn their living through this craft, others take it up because they love working with wood; it is indeed a very rewarding hobby.  The DIY wood projects that we are listing below are the ones that amateur woodworker will love working on. These projects can be completed over a weekend or two and the results you get can be quite satisfying.

So, without much ado let’s have a look at our 12 DIY wood projects.

  1. DIY Planter

If you a gardening person, you will love to create something for your plants. This planter from Popular Mechanics is a great choice. This DIY wood project is so designed that you can customize it as per your skills. Since, this is an outdoor project, choose a wood that is best for the outdoor environment like western red cedar. Check out the link below for a detailed woodworking plan, step by step instructions along with pictures.



  1. DIY Outdoor Dish Rack

During summer months, you will need your outdoor dishes quite often. It is the time when you should enjoy grilled and barbecued food.  This DIY wood project from Ana White has been designed with the summer grilling season in mind. It is a great way to flaunt your beautiful outdoor dishes and it is quite handy to keep them in this outdoor rack for easy accessibility. The project is quite simple and will be well within your budget. Check out the details of this project by clicking the link below


DIY woodworking plan
Simple outdoor plate rack build with DIY woodworking plans.


  1. DIY Wood Slab Wall Clock

This is perhaps among the easiest and yet the prettiest DIY wood project that we are listing here. You do not have to stick to the design shown in the link below; you can go as creative as you like. They make interesting gifts too. Check out the step by step instructions along with the pictures in the link below.



  1. DIY Wooden Coaster

If you are looking for a very simple DIY wood project, that will take less than an hour and yet will make something very useful, then you should try these DIY wooden coasters. You can go creative when it comes to putting colors and designs on these coasters. So, what are you waiting for? Just check the link below and get started.

Easy DIY: Wood Round Coasters


  1. Open Cube Pendant Light

This project is really simple, but the look it will lend to your room is nothing short of charming. To make it easier for you to execute this project, here is a step by step tutorial. Check this link for all the information you will need to execute this project.


diy wood projects
Amazing, yet simple DIY wood projects


  1. Wooden Orbit Mirror

Many a times you will come across some beautiful wooden pieces of art, which are too exorbitantly priced to be owned. How great it would be if you create it on your own pieces of wooden art for far less. This wooden orbit mirror is one such example. Check out this post for details.



  1. Wheel Stool

This is another interesting DIY wood project in which use can reuse your old wheel barrow. Wondering how – here is the link to the step by step instructions of the project along with the pictures. It will also be a great piece to put in your garden.



  1. Wood Plank Wine Rack

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most functional ones. This wood plank wine rack is a perfect example of that. It just needs a wooden plank, a power drill, sandpaper, tape measure and pencil. Isn’t that intriguing that with something so less you can create a place to store your wine bottles? Check the details of this DIY wood project in the link below.



  1. X legged Table

This simple DIY wood project makes use of fence posts making is really easy to put together. This fall make sure that you try this one. Here are the details.



  1. DIY Nesting Trays

Wooden Trays have a charm of their own. They are great for serving snacks, drinks, etc., and are quite sturdy. But, the best part is that they are quite easy to make on your own. The one we are sharing here makes use of rabbeted corner joints and template routed handles. Click the link to download the project plan and instructions details.



  1. Picture Frames

Another beginner DIY wood project that is quite popular is wooden picture frame. It is a great way to add a personal touch to memories. Check out this picture frame project from Min Wax that makes use of 8” x 10” photos and 4” x 6” photos to create a picture collage that will enhance your memories. Of course, it is entirely customizable and you can create your own frame size if your like.



  1. DIY Bookshelf

We all need storage spaces in our house. And there should be one that is meant for books only. This DIY book shelf is a great idea for storing your books. You can make it as tall or short as you like. It can start on the floor and can go all the way to the ceiling. This is indeed a useful project for beginners.



There is no dearth of DIY woodworking projects; from simple to complicated ones you can find a number of them online. However, as a beginner while picking up any such projects you must go through the woodworking material and tools list and step by step instructions thoroughly. Only when you are sure that you have understood the steps involved and have everything you need to get started, you can start working on it. Last but not the least, make sure that you follow the safety instructions every time you are working with wood.

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