3 Assorted Cabinet Plans You Can Try Your Hands On

Today, by the term ‘cabinet’ we understand it is a piece of furniture that comprises of shelves and drawers which can be used for storage. Cabinets have evolved with time and today you can find cabinets for almost everything. In a house, you will find them in the kitchen for storing utensils and food items; you will find them in dining rooms for storing crockery, books, etc., in bedrooms for clothes, in washroom for bathroom utilities, etc. In fact, in today’s time a cabinet is that versatile piece of furniture that no house can do without.

woodworking cabinets also come in various styles – some are free standing while some are mounted on wall. That is the reason we are going to share an assortment of cabinet plans in this article. Let’s check out what we have found for you.

These are three of the best cabinet plans:

  1. Wall Kitchen Cabinet Plan from Ana White

    woodworking cabinet plans
    woodworking cabinet plans

A kitchen is where the heart of the house lies – that’s because this is the place where all the delicious food is cooked to feed all the family members. When doing furniture in a house, you have to give special attention in planning the kitchen. If you are looking for a easy to do DIY kitchen wall cabinet plan you can zero down on this one. Follow the link below to get the full details of the tools and things needed to get started with it. And yes, you will also find diagrams and step by step instructions too.


  1. Hallway Cabinet from Popular Mechanics

If you live in the part of the world where it rains or snows, you will understand the importance of a small handy cabinet with some shelves and hook in the hallway. Come home drenched in rain and you can put your wet coat there – no need to spread the mess in the house. For one such hallway cabinet take a look at this cabinet net from Popular Mechanics. It is explained step by step with pictures and detailed instructions. This is also a very good woodworking project for beginners.


  1. Rolling Wood Cabinet from Popular Mechanics

If you are looking for a versatile cabinet plan that can fit almost anywhere in the house – be it bedroom, kitchen or laundry, we have found one such plan for you. This is as versatile as it can get and it is quite simple to build it. To get started with this one you will need a handful of tools – a router, a circular saw, a drill driver and a pocket-screw jig and of course, some plywood. Check out the detailed instructions in the link below:


We hope these cabinet plans will catch your fancy and will keep you occupied working with wood this weekend.

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