3 Essential Woodworking Power Tools For Woodworker

If you are serious about woodworking, you have to think about getting the most essential woodworking power tools sooner or later. Of course, you can execute most of the woodworking projects using hand tools. But, if you want to be efficient, fast and cost effective in the long run, having the essential woodworking power tools in your arsenal is a must.

There are a number of power tools out there in the market. So, for a beginner it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. But, don’t worry we have got it sorted for you.

Essential woodworking power tools
Essential woodworking power tools.

Here are the 3 absolute essential woodworking power tools that you must have in your workshop.

The Tablesaw:

A tablesaw is the work horse of a woodworking workshop. It can carry out a number of tasks with precision, right from cutting a wood stock straight or at an angle. Whether you have to mill a stock for joinery work or just basic smoothing, it can do it all with ease. Whenever you decide to buy a tablesaw, make sure that you buy a good quality and sturdy one. This is going to be the most used equipment in your workshop, so buying a cheap one compromising the quality is not a sound decision. The surface of the table saw should be strong and rigid, as it should be able to withstand all the heavy duty work it has to carry out.

The Router:

A router is very versatile equipment when it comes to woodworking. It is capable of doing a number of woodworking tasks like making patterns, joints like, rabbets, mortises, etc. when it comes to a router, you can actually choose from stationary base router or a plunge router. For a beginner a stationery base is good enough. But, if you are well versed with the use of a router and want the advanced one, go for a plunge router. However, do make sure that the router you choose is 2 HP or more and it must have variable speed.

The Surface Planer:

If you think that in order to smooth a surface, you have to relentlessly hand plan the surface, till you feel the desired smoothness. Then here is the solution for you – get a surface planer. It will do all that a hand planer does, but in a more efficient and fast manner. In matter of minutes, you can get the desired smoothness and thickness of stock.

There is no doubt about the fact that these essential woodworking power tools will make executing wood projects easier. But, one thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to be extra cautious about the safety precautions. Woodworking power tools can be extremely dangerous if not handled with care and caution. Of course, as you move forward in your woodworking career you can add new power tools in your workshop as per the need of your wood projects. But, in the beginning, these are the three that you should opt to buy.

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