3 Free Playhouse Plans for Aspiring Woodworker

A playhouse can keep a child occupied for hours. So, why not build a playhouse for your kid. Surely, your kid will have a blast playing in his own playhouse with his friends. Constructing a playhouse on your own is an advanced woodworking project. So, before you plan to undertake such a project, make sure that you are equipped with the necessary skills and tools.

Choosing a playhouse plan is a tough task – there are so many different designs to take a pick from –traditional playhouses to fort like playhouses, tree playhouses and many more. So, we have handpicked 3 playhouse plans which we think are cost effective and relatively easier to construct. Check them out.

Here are our top 3 playhouse plans:

  1. Pallet Playhouse from Instructables.com:

If you can build a playhouse from shipping palettes and reclaimed wood, then there is nothing like it. This playhouse plan tops our list for the very reason – it is made largely out of recycled wood and that is the reason the cost of constructing it is quite low. If you are wondering how one can make it from pallets, just follow the link below and read the details of the entire project. We are sure all your doubts will be quelled and you will be all set to get started with this one.


Example of playhouse plans
Example of playhouse plans
  1. Backyard Playhouse from DIY Network:

This is not your regular looking square playhouse, but one with an interesting dimension. It is characterized by a roof hatch that opens to a playhouse with a chalkboard wall, storage space under the floor, and a loft with a ladder. Not just ideal for playing, it is a fun place to study as well. Check out the plan and step by step process here:


  1. Playhouse from Ana White’s Website:

If you want to have a full-fledged traditional looking playhouse for your kids, look no further than Ana’s website. Each and every step involved in building this one is explained in details. Get the things listed in the tools and material list and go through the instructions thoroughly. If you follow it, you will be able to construct this one for sure. With such detailed and will explained playhouse plan, nothing can go wrong.


So, you have 3 different playhouse plans at your disposal. Each of them is unique in its own way. If you have the skills, you can try customizing the plans to your space and design needs. Make sure that you involve your kids in the process of building it. It is a great way to imbibe the love for woodworking in them at an young age.

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