3 Great Sources For Free Wood Plans

One of the first things that a person looking to initiate in the field of woodworking should get hold of is a good source of free plans. There is a saying that a creation out of wood is as good as its plan. Of course, as you become well versed in this craft, you can create your own blue prints, but when you are just starting you should have some solid woodworking plans to work with.

free wood plans
Example of good free wood plans.

We are going to tell you about some of the best online sources where you can get hold of some great free wood plans.  A good woodworking plan is one that comes with step by step instructions and pictures of the wooden piece. It should also have a list of the materials needed, tools needed, finishing options and most importantly the safety precautions. Remember not all free stuff is great; so you should be a little choosy here.

Now let’s discuss about three of the best sources for free wood plans:

  • Woodworking for Mere Mortals Woodworking Plans:

That is a name that will definitely pique your interest. Of course, we mortals on work with wood, so it is definitely as site for you. It is very popular among woodworkers. That’s because the plans it shares are among the best you can get online for free. Most of them are available in .pdf format to download and can be used instantly. The website is a wonderful resource for aspiring woodworkers as it shares some great advice, tips and techniques on woodworking in the form of articles, videos, etc. Another great thing about the website is that you do not have to register at the site to be able to download the free wood plans. All you have to do is to go to the link below and get started.



  • com Woodworking Plans:

When it comes to finding information on any topic, one website that you can rely on is about.com. They have a commendable woodworking section where you can get a whole lot of information on the topic. What’s more, they also feature a section for free woodworking plans and it is great too! Here is the link for the same.



  • Popular Woodworking Free Plans:

Anyone interested in the field of woodworking must have heard about the magazine – popular woodworking. Just as the name says it is quite popular niche magazine. They have a website as well which is replete with information on woodworking. They also share some great free wood plans. If you are interested in having a look at the same, all you have to do it register yourself at the site for free and get instant access. Here is the link for the same.



Whenever you start with a particular project, the first thing that you need to do is read the plan thoroughly. When you have understood each and every step, check out if you have all the materials and tools to get started. And while working on the project, you must stick to the safety rules and precautions. If you follow the instructions and the safety precautions, your project will definitely turn out great.

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