3 Gun Cabinet Plans to Try for an Aspiring Woodworker

A gun cabinet is a stylish piece of furniture in any household. In order to display your collection of firearms and guns, you need something elegant to bring out their charm. In many houses, firearms are not given the due spaces – you might find them tucked under the bed or shoved in one corner of a closet or drawer. In other places you might find them just laid across plain looking racks. Such storage is not at all ideal for firearms. That is why we bring you some nice gun cabinet plans for you to try.

These fun cabinets let you store your firearms in a convenient and secure place – you will not only have the pleasure to admire them when they are stored, you can conveniently take them out when needed.

Let us check out what the 3 gun cabinet plans which we have handpicked for you.

  1. Display Cabinet for Firearms from Popular Mechanics:

This is as elegant a display cabinet for firearms can be. It takes into account all the features that should be there in this piece of furniture. Constructed with cherry plywood and solid cherry it is bound to take the firearms storage to another level. Ample thoughts have been given to security and display. All the doors and drawers come with locks and each shelf is lit by a low voltage halogen lamp. This is by no means a beginner’s project. If you have built a cabinet in the past, the experience would prove helpful to you. If you are relatively novice to woodworking, we suggest you go through the plan; tool list and material list thoroughly and work on it under the guidance of an experienced woodworker. Check out the details here:


gun cabinet plans
Gun cabinet plan


  1. Oak Gun Cabinet from Plans Now:

Here is another gun cabinet plan that you can buy. It is built in such a style that you can use it for storing and displaying firearms and if later need be it can be converted into a regular cabinet. Totally worth the money, check it out here.



  1. Wooden Gun Cabinet from Lees Wood Projects:

If the above gun plans did not meet your plans, this will surely do. This is a great looking cherry gun cabinet that lets you store your prized firearms elegantly. There is a glass display where you can put 6 rifles and the drawers provides you ample space for storing handguns, ammunition and other stuffs. See the plan and other details in the link below.



We are sure that these gun cabinet plans will catch your fancy. All of them are likely to increase the magnificence of the room they are displayed in.

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