3 Kitchen Island Woodworking Plans For Your Kitchen


A kitchen is the heart of a house – it is where all the delicious food is cooked that nourishes everyone living in the house. Adding a kitchen island to this important space in the house is a great idea. That’s because it will make your good looking kitchen look fabulous. Not just the looks, it also provides ample extra storage and countertop space. It is likely that all these benefits are likely to lure you to have a kitchen island and that is the reason we are going to share 3 amazing and free kitchen island woodworking plans.

All the plans we are going to share have their own features – so check them all to find out which one meets your need best. Of course, you can modify the woodworking plans to your space requirements and design needs.

So, let’s check out the kitchen island woodworking plans now

kitchen island woodworking plan
Example of a good kitchen island woodworking plan.
  1. Roll Away Kitchen Island from hgtv.com:

A moveable kitchen island has its own advantages. You can place it in a corner when you do not need it and bring it on the center stage when you need that extra counter top space. This plan from hgtv.com is just an idea with immense possibilities. You can increase or tweak the storage space to suit your needs. You will find the plan along the instructions, tool list, material list, etc., in the link below.



  1. Simple Kitchen Island from Popular Mechanics:

If you are in the lookout for a modern design of a simple yet useful kitchen island to suit your kitchen needs, it is likely that you will like this one. It is not a table like kitchen island standing in the middle of your kitchen. Instead, it is a counter height work station with drawers, storage shelf, a large pull out garbage bin and a drop leaf counter top. It is not designed to be fixed on the ground, so you can move it around to your convenience. Check out the details of the plan here:



  1. Michaela’s Kitchen Island from Ana White

If you are looking for a kitchen island woodworking plan that is a perfect blend of utility and rustic charm, this is the perfect fit. It boasts of a large wooden top, spacious shelves and a large drawer. You couldn’t ask for more. Get the step by step instructions, diagrams, material and tool list in the following link.


Hope these kitchen island ideas will inspire you to add this piece of furniture in your kitchen.

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