3 Sources For Amazing Scrap Wood Projects

The cost of lumber has risen considerably over time forcing many hobbyists and people who woodwork for pleasure to look out for cheaper means of getting their hands on lumber. Many look out for scrap wood and try to reuse it in making something new. In fact, there are a number of projects that you can take up for using scrap wood – such projects range from planting boxes, birdhouses, shelves, tables, cutting boards, to toys, etc.

As a woodworker you will derive immense pleasure in giving new life to an old piece of scrap wood. However, you have to keep in mind certain basic points to judge which piece of scrap wood is suitable for a particular project. Here are they:

Important Tips For Choosing Lumber For Scrap Wood Projects:

  1. A piece of scrap wood that shows signs of damage caused to due termites and insect should not be used. Such infection spread quick. Sure, you will not want to bring such infection into your workshop or home.
  2. Often a lot of nails and screws remain embedded in reclaimed wood. So, make it a point to thoroughly inspect the wood for any foreign object. You must use a metal detector to find any nails and screws that are there. If there are too many of them, decide if it is worth the time and effort to remove all of them for a project.
  3. If a piece of scrap wood looks good enough but has paint and dirt in places, use a paint scraper to remove them. Use the piece only after it is thoroughly clean.
  4. Many types of germs and chemical residue might be there on shipping pallets. So, be choosy and selective when it comes to using pallets for scrap wood projects.
scrap wood projects
Example of amazing scrap wood projects.

Here are 3 great links for scrap wood project ideas:

  • Using Apple Crates:

Apple crates can be used in many creative ways. You can transform them into planters, storage units, etc. To prove out point, we have found a very useful link for you. Just click the link below and find out 5 innovative ways of using apple crates.



  • Simple DIY projects for beginners:

Here is another link that shares some awesome ideas of using scrap wood. From window boxes, X legged table to bird houses, each on teaches you a new way to salvage old wood. Here is the link:



  • Over 50 Scrap Wood Project Ideas:

The link below presents a lovely collection of project ideas that can be made from scrap wood. From picture frames, wood signs, DIY flower box, to wall art, etc., it has a wealth of ideas that will inspire you to come up with newer projects.

Over 50 Creative Scrap Wood Projects to Make


Just check the given links for some inspiration. We are sure that you will start scouring your backyard to find that piece of scrap wood that can be salvaged. If you try something new, do not forget to share your idea with us.

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