3 Toy Box Plans for Yours Kid’s Room


A toy box is a must have furniture in your kid’s room. It comes in very handy in keeping the room relatively clutter-free. Just dump all the toys into it when not in use and in matter of minutes, your kid’s room will look neat and tidy. When it comes to choosing the best toy box plan, choices can vary. Some will want a functional piece while for others style and look is important as well. Whatever be your need, do check out the toy box plan we have handpicked for you here. We are sure one of these will surely catch your fancy. Of course, there is always scope for improvisation and you can customize the plans as per your space and design needs.

My personal top 3 of the best free toy box plans:

  1. Simple Toy Box from Instructables:

This toy box plan from Instructables is a beginner woodworker’s delight. It is so well explained in a step by step way along with diagrams that even a novice will be able to put it together.  This toy box explained in the link given below comes with a lid that boasts of having lid stays which make it safe for kid use. Check the details of the project here.


  1. Open Toy Chest from Ana White’s website:

If you fancy an open toy chest then do check this plan from Ana White website. This one is also a good choice if your budget for the toy chest is small. Just make use of scrap plywood or mdf boards to make this one. You can get every details related to this project – right from tool and material list, step by step instructions and diagrams in the link below.


  1. Wagon Toy Box from Shop Smith:

The two toy box plans we discussed were the simple ones. If you want to make something special for your kids – something that will instantly put a smile on their face check out this wagon toy box.  It is designed to look like a wagon and since it comes with wheels, it is easier to move it from one place to another. Follow the link below for the details of the project:


toy box plans
Free Toy box plans

You can play around with the length, breath and height of these toy boxes to suit your needs. You can even place partition inside the box for better organization. A toy box is not just a box; your kid will have many memories attached to it, so make sure that it is special. Happy woodworking.

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