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3 Woodworking Table Plans for a Woodworking Enthusiast

woodworking table plans

We all need all sorts of tables in our house – we have our morning coffee at our woodworking coffee table placed in the porch, we have our food in the dining table, we work at our study table, we entertain our guest in the living room which houses a center table. If you were to make a list of myriad uses of a table, the list will be quite a long one. Any aspiring woodworker must try to create a few piece of this furniture to hone his skills. Since, this furniture has a coveted place in our daily lives; it definitely makes sense to pick some of the best woodworking table plans for you.

So, here we are with 3 different woodworking table plans that are handpicked for you from around the web.

  1. Classic Wooden Table from Make Zine:

For the first woodworking table plan we have chosen a simple table plan. The beauty of this table is that you can use the table thus created in a number of ways – it can be used in the kitchen or in the study and can also be used as a dining table. It makes use of traditional joints which makes it sturdy and durable. The plan is explained in details, in a step by step way. Follow the link provided here to get the plan.

Wooden Table

woodworking table plans
Great woodworking table plan.


  1. Oak Contrast Coffee Table from Woodworker’s Institute:

If you are looking for a coffee table plan in particular, we will ask you to have a look at this table plan from the woodworker’s institute. It is a compact coffee table that will fit almost anywhere in your house – be it in the living room, bed room or porch. It boasts of a simple yet elegant design. Here is the link to the project where you will get every details of it – from tool list, instructions and pictures. Check it out.



  1. Elegant Dining Table from the Housing Forum: 

Constructing a dining table on your own might seem like a big project – sure it is but, if you have a full proof plan like this one, the task becomes a lot easier. If you are venturing into building a dining table for the first time, we suggest you have a good look at this project. Explained in a step by step way – it can help you build a simple yet elegant piece of furniture. If you want to customize the size as per the space you have, you will have ample opportunities for that. Here is the link for the details of the project.



Check out these woodworking table plans and get started on the one you like most.

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