4 Amazing Bunk Bed Plans For Kids Rooms

Looking for some great bunk bed plans? Well, looks like we guessed your needs right. In this article we are going to share 4 such plans for you to choose from. Bunk beds are gaining popularity by the day – the reason is obvious – it looks cool & trendy, plus it saves quite a bit of space. If you are a woodworking enthusiast, you would definitely want to try making a bunk bed on your own rather than buying one. Buying high quality and customised bunk beds can be expensive while you can create the same at home at almost half the cost.

This is a project of moderate difficulty. So, if you have some woodworking experience and a good plan to follow, it should be a matter of 2-3 days before you can pull it off. Have a look at the bunk bed plans we have picked for you.

So here are our Top 4 Bunk Bed Plans For Free Download:

  1. Bunk Bed Plan from DIY:

This is one of those classic looking bunk beds that will appeal to you at the very first sight. It comprises of two twin bunks and a ladder. It is quite an economical project and will cost you less than $500. Follow the link below to get the free plan, a comprehensive tool list, diagrams and step by step instructions.


  1. AOL’s Bunk Bed Plan:

This one nails it as to why bunk beds are so popular. When spaces are a premium, bunk beds are a logical and practical solution. Check out the link below for a video that will tell you how exactly you can build one. From list of the things and tools you will need, to diagrams and step by step instructions everything is right there. Check out:


  1. Ana White Side Street Bunk Bed Plan:

    bunk bed plans ana white
    Ana White Bunk Bed Plans.

Ana White’s site is a must see for any aspiring woodworking. Her designs are simple and practical. This side street bunk bed plan is one example for her exemplary works. Check out the link for free diagrams, tool list and step by step instructions. Making bunk beds gets a whole lot easier when you have a plan like this one.


  1. Bunk Bed Plan from the Design Confidential

Yes, we have got another cool bunk bed idea for you and this one comes to the Design confidential website. This one will be very useful for you if you want to convert a loft bed into a bunk bed. Go check out the link for the other details.


So, these were 4 simple and easy to execute bunk bed plans. Check out each of these to see which one will be most suitable for your needs.

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