4 Easy Jewelry Box Woodworking Plans

Wooden Jewelry Boxes are one of the in-things these days. They are one piece of wooden furniture that typically lasts forever. The old ones become heirloom and are passed on from one generation to another. They make great handmade gifts – be it your spouse, mom or sister – you can gift it to them on any suitable occasion. And we need not tell you that the beauty of a handmade gift surpasses the most expensive of gifts.

So, here we have chosen 4 easy jewelry box woodworking plans for you – each one is different from the other. Check out each plan to see which one you like most.

Download our Top 4 easy jewelry box woodworking plans:

  1. Elegant Jewelry box from Fine Woodworking:

    easy jewelry box woodworking plan
    Example of an easy jewelry box woodworking plan.

This is one the classic, simple and elegant piece of jewelry boxes that you can find. Hand cut mitered dovetails are used here which gives the design its subtlety. Check this this plan which comes from none other than the prestigious woodworking magazine here.



  1. Beveled Beauty Jewelry Box from Wood Magazine:

If you want a sophisticatedly designed jewelry box, this piece is definitely going to catch your fancy. The best thing about this plan is that with just a table saw you can carry out most of the joinery tasks. And we need not say that the end result is beautiful. Get the plan here.



  1. Chest of Jewelry Bix from Rods Woodworking:

If you would like a jewelry box that comes with drawers, this is the one to go for. The plan gives the details of how much material you will need, the tools you will need along with all the necessary instructions and step by step pictures.



  1. Finger Joint Jewelry Box from Jeff Greef Woodworking:

This is a bit of an advanced jewelry box plan that has its share of twist – it boasts of a shelf that rises with the lid. If you think that a removable shelf makes the task of taking out jewelry cumbersome, this box will suit your needs most. When you open the lid of this box, the shelf does not just rise up on its own, it also serves as a means to hold the lid. It is definitely one ingenious piece of woodwork. Check out the details of the project here.



Whenever you set out to make a jewelry box, make sure that you make more than one. They are ideal to gift to your mother on her birthday or to your spouse on Valentine’s Day – of course you might need to gift her some jewelry as well.

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