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4 Easy Wood Projects For Kids

woodworking for kids

Kids are curious beings. They love adventure, they love to try new things and if your kid has an inclination for woodwork, he might just love making things out of wood. Of course, when choosing wood projects for kids, you need to ensure that the ones you choose are specifically meant for kids. You have to make sure that they can create something out of wood safely.

Woodworking teaches kids a number of other things like, the basic skills of planning, measuring and using basic carpentry tools safely. If you are looking for some easy wood project for kids, then check the following. Remember kids should always be the supervision of an adult while working with wood. In fact, if a project involves cutting of wood from a sharp tool, adults should assist them in the same.

First are three great projects from the Fine Woodworking magazine, a bench, a box and a T-rex.

Here you will find great wood projects for kids:

woodworking for kids
Simple and beautiful woodworking for kids.

Bench: This bench is a cute looking bench made of oak. You can also make it from pine. You can either use pocket screws to attach the top and can even nail and screw it in place. Follow the link below to get how to get started with this one with your kid. Make sure you read it til the end and give special emphasis on the rules outlined for grownups and kids.



Small Box: This is quite a straight forward project. This box constructed out of wood has a sliding lid and can be used as a pencil box that can hold pencils, markers, pens, crayons, etc. Of course, there can be other uses of the box – so just let your kids run their imagination on its likely uses. You will be amazed with all the unique uses they can come up with. The box can be made shorter, longer and even wider to suit the kid’s needs.  The box can be made from different types of hardwoods, so you can use anything you have at hand. Here is the link for the details of the project.



The T-Rex: This is a very simple project that can be made from a single piece of 2X4. The resultant figure is pretty sturdy. It comes with moving legs and a movable jaw. Making it is fun. So, make sure that you take up this project for your kid. Here is the link to the project.



X Magazine Rack: This fourth project we have chosen an easy and interesting wood project for kids. It does need some cutting and shaping, so make sure you are always there to assist your kids in making it. Below is the link with the details of this project. In fact, there are a couple of more projects listed there that can be suitable for kids as well. Check them out:



This straightforward box with a sliding lid holds pencils, crayons, or markers, of course. But kids can easily make it shorter, longer, wider, or taller to hold other treasures. Kids can also make the box from different hardwoods.

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