4 Fine Wood Furniture Ideas From Fine Woodworking

As a woodworker, you will always dream of creating fine wood furniture that is beautiful and functional. We all need various types of furniture in our house and how good it will be if we can create them on our own. To help you in your work, we are listed some great fine wood furniture ideas from the Fine Woodworking magazine. If you have been in the field of woodworking, you will know that the Fine Woodworking magazine by the Taunton press is among the best magazines for woodworkers. It also boasts of a fine website which shares ample information on woodworking, woodworking plans, how-to videos, tool reviews, etc., for free.

In this article we are going to share 4 fine wood furniture ideas from their website that any beginner can try.

  1. Arts and Crafts Wall Shelf:

What can be a better way to display your arts and crafts? This art and crafts wall shelf is a great way to flaunt your prized crafts in style. This project is a good one to get done in a weekend or so. Here is the link following which you will land up on the project plan, instructions and all the little details that you need to get started.


fine wood furniture
Amazing idea for fine wood furniture.


  1. Porringer Style Tea Table:

This piece of tea table is an elegant one and can help you make an impression on your guest. Its traditional as well as modern in the same breath. If you can’t wait to grab the project plan and instructions, just follow the instructions below to get them and get started. The plan includes step-by-step tips and instructions for shaping the legs and also for making porringer shape on the edge of the tabletop.



  1. Mahogany Coffee Table:

Okay, so you are not much of a tea person and want a coffee table instead. Well, we have a great coffee table plan for you as well. So, we bring you not just any coffee table, but a Scandinavian coffee table – well you might know that Scandinavians are among the most coffee loving person in the world. One look on the table and you will see that it is not just the run-of-the-mill coffee table – it features legs with bendsawn arches that are shaped by spokeshaves and some other hand tools. For more details of the project check the link below:



  1. Arts and Crafts Side Table:

Well, we are calling it a arts and crafts side table, but in reality this is a versatile piece of furniture. It can be used a side table, an end table, a plant stand or as a night stand well. Without a doubt, this will be one of the most handsome furniture in your house. It features a round tabletop and is made of white oak. For the project plan and detailed instructions, please follow the link below.



So, these were 4 inspiring fine wood furniture ideas. Stay tuned for more great wood furniture plans!

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