4 Free Coffee Table Woodworking Plans to Try


A coffee table is one of those essential pieces of furniture in the house that you cannot do without. In fact, most houses have not just one but 2 or 3 coffee tables. Why? Well, you would need one for the living room, one on the porch and many be one in your study room or bedroom. It is versatile woodworking furniture that doesn’t just let you enjoy a good cup of coffee; it also serves as a place where you can place you books, magazine and other essentials. As a woodworking enthusiast it is a must that you try and build a coffee table on your own. That is the reason we bring you some of the five most awesome free coffee table woodworking plans for you to try.

These are our favorite coffee table woodworking plans:

  1. Ana White’s Rustic X Coffee Table:

    coffee table woodworking plans
    Example of detailed coffee table woodworking plans.

Ana’s website on woodworking is a woodworker’s heaven. That is the reason why our first choice of coffee table woodworking plans comes from her site.  This Rustic X coffee table, as the name suggests has a rustic charm that will appeal to you if you want something earthy to decorate your living room. The best thing about it is that it is quite uncomplicated to execute and when you have the detailed free plan along with direction, instructions, diagrams and tool list, half of the work is already done.



  1. Oak Contrast Coffee Table from Woodworker’s Institute:

Are you looking for a compact coffee table that will neatly fit in your porch? Well, we have found a coffee table woodworking plan that might meet your needs just right. Check out the link below for the details of the project. Tool list, instructions and pictures make this project look seemingly easy.



  1. Ryhan Coffee Table from More Like Home:

Do you need a coffee table that has some drawers for storage? Check out the link below and we are sure that you would be hooked. As always we have ensured that the plan we choose for you have step by step diagrams, tool list and complete instructions. Here is the link:



  1. Coffee table from Workbench Magazine:

This coffee table plan will transform the lumber into a modern piece of coffee table. If you are looking for one such coffee table to be the centerpiece of your living room, do check this out. When you are done making it you will have enough space for baskets and ottoman beneath it. This is a clever and innovative design that features hardwood construction and is an epitome of style and storage. Get the free plan here:



These were 4 varied coffee woodworking plans that you can check out. We are sure one of them is going to keep you occupied over the weekend. Enjoy your time working with wood.

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