4 Free Loft Bed Plans to Try


A bed is an important piece of furniture that is practically there is every house. Each of us needs a comfortable space to sleep and a comfortable bed provides us with that. However, it is also a fact that a bed takes up a lot of space in a room – you would know that if you live in a small apartment. But, the look news is that you can have the space and still a cosy place to sleep. How? Well, with loft beds – that is if you are fine climbing a few steps on the ladder and also your ceiling is at a good height.

We have handpicked 4 free loft bed plans for you to choose from. Each of these is distinct in its style and features. So, go and check them all and take your pick.

Our Top 4 Free Loft Bed Plans:

  1. Loft Bed with Bookcase and Desk:

    free loft bed plans
    Free Loft Bed Plan Example.

This loft bed plan is ideal for your kid’s room. Once this is in place your kid will have ample space to play, a cosy bed to sleep on, book shelves for keeping his books and a small desk to study on. You can paint it as you like. This plan comes from none other than Ana White, you expect to find step by step diagrams and a complete set of instructions. Check the link below for details.



  1. Loft Bed for Grown Ups from Wood Gears:

If you live in a small apartment, it is likely that you will feel the need for more space. So, we have found a loft bed plan that will be just right for you. No matter how crunched you are on space, this plan is likely to free up a considerable space for you. Check out the plan and we are sure that you will have a smile on your face.



  1. Full Size Loft Bed from Jays Custom Creation:

This is another great loft bed plan which can be easily customised for kids and adults alike. This one is quite sturdy if you use the right wood and can support 200+ lbs quite easily. Just follow the link below and get the plan, material and tool list and a whole set of instruction about how to create it.

How To Build A Full Size Loft Bed


  1. Loft Bed with Built-in Book Shelf Ladder from Instructables:

This is a cool looking loft bed plan with a built in book shelf ladder from Instructables.com. The instructions are step by step and detailed. So, if you follow them right, you can build this one for your kid in just a few days. Check out the link below for the plan details.



We hope that one of these loft bed plans will keep you occupied in the coming days and will free up some space in your house. Happy Woodworking!

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