4 Free Wood Project Plans From The American Woodworker

There are a number of good resources where you can fine free wood project plans. One such source online is the American Woodworker magazine. Their project plans are detailed and very well explained. So, in this article we will be sharing 4 nice free wood projects from there. These projects are meant for woodworkers who have some experience of working with wood. If beginners want to try these, they must do it under the supervision of an experienced woodworker.

free wood project plans
Detailed & free wood project plans.

So, without much ado let us have a look at the 4 free wood project plans that we have handpicked for you.

Garden Bench:

If you are an outdoor person and spend some good time in your garden, then you ought to make something nice that can be the center piece of your garden; a place where you can sit and bask in the morning sun and enjoy your morning coffee. If that sounds interesting to you, then you should consider this garden bench project. Make sure that you use rot-resistant wood like mahogany to build this one. In this bench we use a mortise and tenon joinery which makes it stout and durable. Check the link below for the details of the project.



Two Drawer Coffee Table:

Every living room should have a coffee table. Such a table is not just for serving coffee; it has a host of other roles to play – you can serve almost anything on it; it is a place where your kids can work on their craft project and it is also a great place to land your feet on. The coffee table we are talking about features 2 drawers which are immensely helpful for storing books and magazines. This table is solid as it used mortise and tenon joint and the drawers are dovetailed. It may look complicated, but with the detailed project instruction in the link below, it can be constructed quite easily.



Contemporary Bookcase:

This project is our absolute favorite. It is simple to construct it but, it looks so elegant. Plus it can be customized easily to fit in any space. The shelves are strong and are supported in a straight forward way. This is a simple and no-frills design. The joinery technique used here is amazingly simple. Long threaded rods are used and are concealed inside the pieces and that is what keeps the whole book case together. Here is the link to the project details.



High Style Low Cost TV Cabinet:

If you need a cabinet to house your TV, this TV unit is a good one. Since, it makes use of plywood and not wood, so the cost is relatively very low. It uses simple joinery techniques which makes it easy to build. Just as the same says – it is high in style and low in cost. Check out the link below for more information.



These were 4 great free wood project plans from the American Woodworker magazine. Stay tuned for more such project information.

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