4 Must Try Coffee Table Woodworking Plans For Beginners

One of the most used pieces of furniture in a living of any house is the coffee table. As a woodworker, you will definitely want to make a custom designed coffee table that meets your every requirement. Hence, you have to first make up your mind about what  features you would love to see in your coffee table – do you want a simple one, do you need some storage space, what kind of finish you would want to give it to, what is your budget and most importantly how good are your woodworking skills. When you are sure about what you want as a coffee table, it will be easier for you to zero down on a particular coffee table woodworking plan.

Coffe table
Beautiful coffee table made with free coffee table woodworking plans.

To help you out here are 4 coffee table woodworking plans that beginners can try their hands on.

  1. Oak Contrast Coffee Table

For those looking for a small coffee table that will fit in their living room without taking too much space and looking out of place, this Oak Contrast Coffee Table is a great solution. This coffee table plan is from the Woodworkers Institute and is downright is simple, yet functional. Follow the link below to get access to the step by step detailed instructions and all other information.



  1. Tryde Coffee Table

If you are looking for a coffee table that has a classic look to it, is heavy, rustic and substantial, then this ‘Tryde Coffee Table by Ana White, will fit the bill. Follow the link below to get the details of this project. You will find all the material list, tool list and step by step instructions and illustrated pictures. Making a coffee table that you love could never be easier.



  1. Display Coffee Table

If you have some woodworking experience and want to take up a challenging coffee table woodworking plan for your next project, here is an amazing plan that you can try. This coffee table can easily be the center piece of your living room. Stick to the instructions mentioned in the link below and you would not face any problem in executing it. However, this is a project best done under the guidance of an experienced woodworker, if you are a beginner in the field.



  1. No Fuss Coffee Table from BuildEazy

If your skills and budget for making a coffee table are low, then check out this coffee table from BuildEazy. This coffee table woodworking plan has been created for beginners in mind. No complex joints and use of just the basic tool in constructing it makes it ideal for beginners. However, it is quite strong in its own right. Check out this link for details.



So, these were some of coffee table woodworking plans for beginners to choose from. Once, you have successfully created these, you can move on to more complex coffee table projects. And yes, you can use your imagination to customize these plans to suit your needs.

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