4 Most Popular Woodworking Resources Online

The surge of Internet has changed the way people learn and do things. There are a number of resources online for learning any art or craft, and woodworking is not different. If you are a woodworking enthusiast and are looking for some of the most popular woodworking resources online, then you are going to be overwhelmed by the number of woodworking resources you will find online.

There are countless online resources for aspiring woodworkers of all skill levels – whether you are a beginner, or have some experience with this craft and are looking for ways to hone your skills, there is something for everyone.  But, the big question is which one of these is really worth your time and money? Is a particular woodworking website right for a beginner or is meant for experienced woodworker?

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The good news is, in this article we have put together a list of 4 of the most popular woodworking resources online

They are among the most favorite, detailed and comprehensive resources that you can find on the web. And the best part is that, all of them share many great woodworking plans, videos, practical tips and insights for no cost at all. We hope that our list of the popular woodworking sites will inspire you to create fine things from wood.

American Woodworker (http://www.americanwoodworker.com/)

This is one of the most popular woodworking sites among woodworkers of all skill levels. It is quite comprehensive, user-friendly, informative woodworking site, and has been providing up-to-date and accurate information on woodworking for decades now. Browse through the American woodworker site and you will be able to get your hands on some awesome free woodworking plans that come with detailed step-by-step instruction, making it quite easy to follow. You will find practical tips and techniques on woodworking from seasoned woodworkers, product and tool reviews and a number of how-to videos. It is an empowering resource for all types of woodworker.

The best thing about it is that it will make you feel at ease with woodworking. You will feel a surge of confidence after going through the content on this site. From simple projects for beginners to complex projects for skilled professional woodworkers, there is something to learn for everyone.

Start Woodworking (http://www.startwoodworking.com/)

This woodworking site is simply awesome – you can find varied types of woodworking plans and projects, practical tips, tool reviews and much more. This site is great for beginners and the good thing is everything on the site is organized in a user-friendly way. This particularly helps users to easily navigate through the huge amount of information in the site without getting overwhelmed. All the projects are explained in a simple language, with step by step instructions, and pictures. The site also features a couple of good videos on some how-to do projects. There is a whole section dedicated to make you learn about using your woodworking tools, equipments and accessories to ensure that you make the most of it. The information provided here is high-quality, easy to follow and complete. You will get to know about everything you need to start a project – right from the tools, safety instructions, project plans, material, equipment, etc. Needless to say, this popular woodworking online resource is creative, motivating and inspiring.

Fine Woodworking (http://www.finewoodworking.com/)

This is one site that is quite popular with experienced woodworkers who want to hone their skills further. There are many fine woodworking plans and projects to choose from. The site also features woodworking videos

Popular woodworking magazines
Popular woodworking magazine

that makes learning complex woodworking projects simpler. Apart from that one will get loads of quality information on various advanced tools and equipments, practical tips and techniques on woodworking and safety tips. There is a special section of woodturning as well for woodworkers who want to specialize in the craft. The format of the site is neat and simple, with different sections for different aspects of the craft. Finding projects that can interest one is a breeze. The quality of the content on this site is definitely superior and there are quite many projects that will catch the fancy of serious woodworkers.

Popular Woodworking (http://www.popularwoodworking.com/)

Just as the name signifies, this online resource is among some of the very popular woodworking resources online. One look at their site and you will know why it is such a favorite among woodworkers. There is something for everyone – from novices to expert woodworkers – great projects, free woodworking plans, tips and techniques, turning information, etc. There are also a couple of blogs on their site to watch out for. In order to access most of the content on the site, you need to register first. Another popular feature of this site is the ‘I can do that’ series – it sure will inspire you to overcome your fears about woodworking and create fine objects from wood that you never thought you could.

So, these were 4 of the most popular woodworking resources online.

But, surely these are not the only ones. There are so many other as well that can prove useful to you. Some other woodworking sites that we feel are worth mentioning include the following

  • Wood Magazine (http://www.woodmagazine.com/)
  • Woodworking for mere mortals (http://www.woodworkingformeremortals.com)
  • This Woodwork (http://thiswoodwork.com)

Apart from these here is a link that has a comprehensive compilation of various woodworking resources online – http://www.woodnet.net/links/. Just browse through it and you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of woodworking sites that you will land up on. While searching for more online resources on woodworking, there are a few features that you should consider before referring to them for your projects. Make sure that the projects you choose from online resources are detailed and self-explaining; they should ideally be accompanied by step by step instructions along pictures for better understanding. The requirements of experienced woodworkers can be different though and their level of understanding of woodworking work is better.

The popular woodworking online resources discussed here should be able to help you to focus on the joys of woodworking, and also help you to utilize this craft as a rewarding creative outlet.

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