4 Sources For Great Woodworking Furniture Plans

As a woodworker, one should always strive to enhance their woodworking skills by trying out as many woodworking projects as you can. One should also know what kind of furniture is in demand and what style is in trend. By keeping yourself abreast with the various happenings in the field of woodworking, you will always be a step ahead in your career. A very easy way to gain such knowledge is through woodworking magazines. They share lots of information on woodworking projects, they share various tips and techniques, project ideas, etc., and inform the readers what is in vogue. Most of these magazines have a good online presence through their website. They often share many free woodworking furniture plans to help their readers hone their skills.

In this article we are going to share 4 woodworking furniture plans from woodworking magazines that you should try. We have narrowed down the furniture plans to tables. So, the plans we will be discussing are of coffee tables and writing desks. The projects listed here vary in terms of skills, so depending on how advanced your skills are you may take it up.

These are the 4 best sources for amazing woodworking furniture plans

  1. Storage Coffee Table

If you are looking for a coffee table that is not just good for serving coffee, but has ample storage space, this one would fit the bill. It signifies what is meant by ‘where storage meets style’. It is made up of hard wood; the woodworking plan of this table is quite innovative with ample storage space. It is also quite easy to construct. For more details of the project, check out the link below:

woodworking furniture plans
Good example of woodworking furniture plans.



  1. Mahogany Coffee Table:

In case storage space is not what you are looking for, this mahogany coffee table will be a good choice for you. High in style and elegance, this coffee table has a sleek and simple design. This coffee table plan comes from the highly renowned Fine Woodworking magazine. You wouldn’t mind having an extra cup of coffee to be able to admire its beauty for a longer time. For more details of the project, check out the following link:


So, these were 2 coffee table plans, now let’s check out the 2 writing desk plans.


  1. Elegant Writing Desk

A writing desk is an essential piece of furniture in any household. It doesn’t necessarily have to look boring and outdated – in fact making it can be a lot of fun. The elegant writing desk we are talking about is stylish, functional and light. There are drawers for storage too. And the best part is that its project plan is provided in detail – right from making a drawer case, drawer frame, gluing the drawer case and how to make the veneer top. To check the project details, check the link below:



  1. Log Cabin Writing Desk 

This writing table is a perfect example of ‘traditional meet modern style’. Inspired by a log cabin, this design boasts of spacious writing space, good storage space in the form of drawers. It is a classic piece that anyone would love to have in their homes. Check out the project plan in the link below: 


So, these were 4 woodworking furniture plans that you can try. Stay tuned for more such wood project ideas.

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