4 Tips Before Buying Used Woodworking Power Tools

Starting off as a woodworker, one of the most challenging tasks can have to choose the tools you need to work with. Most experts suggest using hand tools initially. This is basically to help you develop  an understanding of how woodworking is done and what methods should you use to achieve different goals. A common misconception is that hand tools cannot give the same finesse that power tools can. It actually depends on how skilled the woodworker themselves are. If you must buy power tools, it is best to go for used woodworking power tools. This is suggested because, even though every single power tool in the hardware shop looks shiny and tempting, it may not be useful for your work purposes at all.

Given below are a few points you should keep in mind before buying used woodworking power tools:

  • Shop Smart: Do your research, ask fellow woodworkers and make a list of the power tools you are actually going to need. This way, you will not end up wasting your money on tools that just look good on shelves.
  • Search for garage sales and used tools on the internet:  This step can be particularly tiring, because in garage sales, you will usually have to go through a lot of junk before you find something that you will actually be able to use. In the end, however, this hard work usually pays off.
  • Try it out: It is best not to order anything that you have not actually used in person, at least once. This is the reason buying used woodworking power tools off the internet is not recommended. Go to sales and shops yourself and try out the tool you are looking to buy. This way you will be sure that you are buying something that will not fall apart the minute you plug it in.
  • Talk to the seller: After you have chosen the power tool you are going to use, you should give it a thorough once-over before you buy it. Talk to the person selling it and find out why they are giving it away. Many times sellers are giving away tools that they themselves bought one time and did not use at all. Or they could be selling off tools that have very little juice left in them. By communicating with the sellers, you will be able to find out what is wrong with the tool.
Used Woodworking Power Tools
Overview of great used woodworking power tools.

These 4 tips should always be considered before buying any used woodworking power tools. Do not waste your money on bad equipment if you decide to start with your first woodworking projects. It`s always better to pay a little more and use the tools much longer, than keep buying the sam bad quality regularly.

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