4 Wood Shop Projects That Any Woodworker Should Take Up

If you are an aspiring woodworker, it is likely that you want to build something nice and functional out of wood. For a beginner in this field, it makes sense to take up beginner’s wood shop projects. But, as you hone your skills, you must take up challenging projects. Taking complex projects needs more planning – like you need to ensure that you have all the tools, equipments, materials, etc., needed to build the project.

Choosing a wood shop project is not really a cumbersome task, especially if you are sure about your needs. For example, if you have been thinking for a long time to change the coffee table in your living room, or if you wanted another book case to house all the books that are lying around because of lack of storage space. Creating functional things out of wood has its own pleasure. Plus it has other advantages as well. You have full control over the quality and cost. Also, you can customize them as per your needs.

wood shop project
Example of a wood shop project.

In this article we are listing 4 useful wood shop projects that any woodworker should definitely take up.

  1. Wall DVD Cabinets:

So, you have a collection of DVDs, but do not have the right storage place for them. Well, here is a project that could help you in housing your prized DVDs the right way. The best part is that it will take your only a day or so to construct it. You need to use your table saw and you will be able to build this simple and sturdy ‘Wall DVD cabinet’ in no time.



  1. Patio Chair:

We all love to sit in the patio and sip the first coffee of the day. You will agree that patio chairs are among the most used outdoor furniture. So, if the one you have been using has worn out, it is time to replace it. The patio chair project we have chosen for you is quite simple to build and needs only a couple of tools to make it. Check out this link for the project details.



  1. Bench with storage:

It is true that you can never have enough storage space in your house. So, it makes sense to add storage space in whatever way possible. That is why we have chosen this wooden bench project. It also houses some storage space, thereby doing a double role. You will need a tablesaw, sander, drill and jigsaw. In order to get the step by step instructions of making this one, just check the link below.



  1. Solid Oak Bookcase

Building a bookcase is a project that almost every beginner woodworker takes up. It is one of those classic projects that you ought to try. With the basic power tools in hand, building it can be breeze. Finally, all those extra books in your shelves will have a place of their own. Click the link below to get the details of this project.



Hope you like the wood shop project ideas listed here. Stay tuned for more such projects.

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