4 Wood Working Magazines For Beginner Woodworker

Woodworking enthusiasts or beginners in this field need to continuously hone their skills to remain competitive. There are many ways one can learn new things – there are many online resources, books and magazines on woodworking that can help them.  Woodworking magazines in particular are great for a beginner. Such magazines which are specifically designed for novice woodworkers and woodworkers of intermediate skills contain a lot of projects that can be taken up by beginners. They also come laced with many practical tips, techniques, jigs, tool reviews, etc. All these can go a long way in helping them develop their skills.

There are number of woodworking magazines available in the market – some are for woodworkers of beginner and intermediate skills while there are some that cater to the needs of advanced woodworkers. If you are looking for such magazines that are more helpful for beginners then check out the four wood working magazines we are listing below.

wood working magazines
Best wood working magazines.

These four are my most popular wood working magazines:

  1. American Woodworker:

This is one of the most sought after publication on woodworking in the United States and is quite popular as well. Actually, this magazine doesn’t just cater to beginners in the field but to woodworkers of all skill level. This is a bimonthly magazine and each issue comes with a wealth of information on woodworking. Easy to understand, detailed woodworking plans, new project ideas, woodworking tools and product reviews, safety tips, practical jigs etc., characterize each and every of the American Woodworker.  They also have a commendable and user friendly website http://www.americanwoodworker.com/ where you can find some great free resources that can be immensely helpful for beginners and professional woodworkers alike.

  1. Popular Woodworking:

This is another magazine that can be really helpful for beginners. 7 issues of popular magazine are issued every year and each of them treasures loads of information on woodworking. All the projects here come with numerous color photos, illustrations and instructions. If you want to know more about subscribing to this magazine, check http://www.popularwoodworking.com/.

  1. Wood Magazine:

The Wood magazine specifically caters to beginners and intermediate woodworkers. Every issue of this magazine is laced with numerous woodworking project plans and practical tips, jigs and techniques on woodworking. They also do tool and equipment review to help budding woodworkers choose the right tools. Please visit their website http://www.woodmagazine.com/ for more information on the subscription and loads of free information on woodworking.

  1. Shop Notes Magazine:

ShopNotes is a commendable magazine that is extremely popular among woodworkers. Each and every issue is designed to hone your skills and make you a better woodworker. Detailed and easy-to-follow woodworking projects is at the heart of this magazine. It caters to beginners as well as experienced woodworkers. One can expect to find practical tips and techniques, jigs, expert analysis of tools, products and accessories and much more in every issue of this magazine. It is written by woodworkers for woodworkers. Want to know more please visit their website http://www.shopnotes.com/.

So, what are waiting check, check out these magazines at the newsstand, and if any of them catches your fancy, go ahead and subscribe to them

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