5 Best Sources For Free Online Woodworking Jig Plans

Jigs are an indispensable part of woodworking.  They make woodworking efficient, accurate, and safe as well. There are a number of sources on the web that offer free woodworking jig plans; all designed to help you to do various woodworking tasks, which would otherwise seem very cumbersome. If you are looking for some of the best online resources that can provide you with jig plans for free, then this article is for you. Here we are going to list some sites that have some really free cool jigs with step by step instructions. Whether you need jigs to help you layout ellipses or do dado joints, or you need panel-cutting sleds for tablesaw, you are going to get them all here.

example of woodworking jig plans
Example of woodworking jig plans.

Here are the greatest sources for woodworking jig plans

Popular Woodworking:

This website is quite popular among woodworkers. It is one of those reliable resources on woodworking that woodworkers look up to for help. Follow the link given below to get access to some of these best woodworking jig plans. These jigs can help beginners as well as advanced woodworkers alike. From simple dado jigs to table saw tenon jigs there are many that you will find quite useful. Check this link for more.



Fine Woodworking:

Fine Woodworking has made a name for itself in the woodworking industry by providing the best and the finest woodworking advises to woodworkers around the world. The jigs section on the website has more than 130 jigs listed, some of them shared by woodworkers who found them particularly useful. If there is any particular jig that you are looking for, you will surely find it here. Check the link below to browse through all the jigs shared here.



Wood Magazine:

The wood magazine is another woodworking website that is quite popular among woodworker. In this awesome post of theirs they have shared 11 of their best free woodworking jig plans.  Wondering what they are, please follow the link below to have a look at them.




This is a website that has information about just anything under the sun. They have quite a good section on woodworking too. In the post we are talking about, they have shared 7 great woodworking jig plan ideas that can be easily made in your workshop. You can learn how to make feather board, some table saw jigs and an awesome circular saw measuring jig. Here is the link for same.



American Woodworker

If you are particularly looking for table saw jigs then, this one is going to be prove really helpful. Follow the link below to get access to 4 awesome table saw jigs that will help you in unlocking its true potential. These 4 jigs namely – small part jig, thin-rip jig, simple cross cut sled and taper cut jig are going to change the way you use your table saw for various tasks. Check out the link below for the jigs and instructions on how to use them.



These were 5 great resources online for some of the best free online woodworking jig plans.

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