5 Cool Wood Project Inspirations For Kids

Kids should be engaged in creative activities right from a young age. It will help them in putting their energetic and restless minds into constructive use. Kids love trying new things and often get excited when they get to try something new. If your kid shows interest in woodworking, you should engage them in cool wood projects. Such projects not only help kids to use their creativity, it also helps them with numbers and enhances the dexterity with which they use their fingers.

As long as you make sure that kids adhere to the safety norms while working with wood, you do not have to worry about anything. Also, the project you choose for your kids should be appropriate for their age and skills.

In this article, we are sharing 5 cool wood project ideas for kids.

These ideas will inspire you and your kids to make creative things out of wood.

  1. Bird Houses

    cool wood project
    Example of a cool wood project for kids.

Kids love bird houses. So, if you make them build a bird house on their own, they will be elated. This project will need them to measure and cut wood, so make sure that an adult having experience in woodworking is accompanying them all the time.


  1. Wall Key Hanger

If you want to start with a simple project for your kid, that doesn’t require too much cutting and measuring, this wall key hanger project, is a good choice. All you have to do is choose a well-proportioned piece of scrap wood, smoothen it with sand paper and fix some metal hooks on it. You may then paint it or give it some other finishing look.


  1. Safe box

Making a safe box that can be used as a memory box by kids is a great wood project that can be taken by kids. A simple design that doesn’t involve to much cutting will work best for them. Kids will love to use these boxes once the project is complete.


  1. Wooden Signs

We often use wooden welcome signs in our houses. So, why not let your child make such a sign which you can use in your house or in the kids room. Just like the process of making a wooden wall key hanger, you need to choose a wood piece, smoothen it with sandpaper and then write a message on it. Kids will love it when you use the sign they great in your house.


  1. A Tree House

In case you are looking for a cool project idea that you can engage your older kids in, why not take up the project of making a tree house! It is something kids are always fascinated about. So, making it will be a fun learning experience for them.


So, you now have 5 cool woodworking plans for kids to work on with your kids. By involving them in such creative activity, you will help them in many ways – they will learn to take measurements, do some basic mathematic calculation, etc.

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