5 Dining Table Plans for Woodworking Enthusiasts to Try


A dining table is one of those essential and indispensable pieces of furniture in a house. This is where you can sit with your family to enjoy your meals together. Of course, that is the obvious use given the word ‘dining’ in its name. However, there are a number of other ways a dining table is put to good use in every family, every day. Kids can work on their projects here, sorting bills, working on the laptop, doing some sewing work, sorting mails, etc., – these are some of the works people do sitting by this table.

Just a dining table has myriad roles to play, there are several ways it can be build. It depends on the design need of the user – you can have a simple table that stands in your large kitchen or it can be elegant trestle table made of hardwood that will enhance the show of your dining room. Whatever may be the case, we hope that the dining table plans we are listing here will be useful to you.

My Top 5 Dining Table Plans For Woodworkers:

top dining table plans
Great dining table plans
  1. Oak Dining Table from Wood Worker’s Institute:

If you have mastered the basic woodworking skills, then this is one of those slightly advanced projects that you can take up. This is a crown cut oak dining table and if you follow the link below, you can find step by step pictures and detailed instructions. This project can keep you occupied for a while and is definitely going to hone your skills a little more. So, go check the link out.



  1. Farmhouse dining table from Décor and the Dog

The next dining table plan we are sharing with you is the kind you would like you to have for your farmhouse. Nothing fancy, but quite earthy and with a solid wooden top. The project is explained in commendable details along with diagrams that would prove really useful to anyone interesting in taking up this project next. Check the link for details.



  1. Basic Dining Table from Wood Gears

If you are looking for a simple yet functional dining table, this is the one you should try your hands on. It is actually a simple table, which can be used as a dining table or any other purpose. Here is the link to the details of this project.



  1. Trestle Dining Table from Popular Mechanics

Trestle Dining Tables were quite popular in one time and even today they are the first choice when it comes to a dining table for your back garden. The specialty of this table is that you can take it apart when not needed and re-assemble it again when needed.



  1. Elegant Dining Table from The Housing Forum

This is a simple dining table plan but it is elegant none the less. The good think about this project is that it gives you a lot of room for customization. Take the basic plan and customize it as per you needs and you will have a new dining table to adorn your home.


So, pick up your favorite dining table plan among these and get set woodworking. Enjoy!

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