5 Fun Woodworking Projects – Amazing Plans


Woodworking is an art. If you are a woodworking enthusiast and spend some amount of time every week working with it, you would know it is definitely fun working with it. It doesn’t mean that you need to master all the skills to create something out of wood. In fact, if you just have some simple basic things right, it is possible that you can work your hands on some fun woodworking projects without much efforts.

In this article we bring you 5 fun woodworking projects that don’t involve too much technical details, but the end results are quite satisfying.

Here are some of the best fun woodworking projects for you:

  1. DIY Bed frame Design from Instructables:

Do you think making beds out of lumber is complicated? It may be but not when you have this plan at your disposal. All you will need is some 2X8s and some basic woodworking tools to get started with this one. Check out the details in the link below:



  1. Rok-Bak Chair from Makezine.com:

It is another of those easy to execute plans. If you want to have a comfortable recliner chair that can be put together in a short while, this is the project to go for. Click the link to get a pdf copy of the plan.



  1. Pallet Chairs from Holy Scrape Blog:

Recycling old pallets is quite in these days. If you are looking for one such recycling projects and want to turn old pallets into something useful, this is a project you should have a look at. The good thing about this one is that you get a video tutorial on how to make it because as such there is no particular plan for you to follow. See the video here.



fun woodworking projects
Example of a fun woodworking project – pallet chairs


  1. DIY photo frames from Its Always Autumn:

One of the most simple and most useful woodworking projects are photo frames. It doesn’t take so much effort to build a photo frame but the end results is quite satisfying. Make them in bulk as they make great handmade gifts. Here is how you can make them.



  1. Wooden Chopping Boards from A Beautiful Mess:

One of the easiest things to make out of wood is chopping boards – we all use them in our kitchens. So, if you fancy making them on your own here is an excellent tutorial for you. It is important that you choose a food safe wood for making these. Again, they also make excellent gifts – so don’t just make one.



These fun woodworking projects do not take much of your time, but the end result it produces is definitely worth spending time for. Happy Woodworking.

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