5 Great Woodworking Ideas For Beginners

Woodworking is a creative field. There is no dearth of woodworking projects that you can take up – all your need is a little imagination, some basic woodworking skills and the right tools to get started. As a beginner in this field, you must always choose projects that are as per your skills. As you gradually hone your skills, you will be ready to take up more complex and challenging projects. If you are looking for some cool woodworking ideas for beginners, then check out the 5 easy projects that we are listing here. We are also sharing the relevant links where you can get the detailed step by step instructions on the projects.

Let’s have a look at 5 nice woodworking ideas for beginners.


A bookcase if one of the most functional pieces of furniture that you can have in your house. It is a great project for beginners as well. The bookcase plan we are sharing is not only easy to make, but also stylish and trendy. Follow the link below to get a list of all the tools, material as well as the detailed instructions to build it.



Modular Wine Rack:

If you are looking for an interesting project, that will not only make a beautiful and useful piece of furniture but will also give you the opportunity to flaunt your woodworking skills in front of your guests. We are talking about building a wine rack – it will need you to put your skills of making curved cuts and dadoes to use. You can customize the plan we are sharing as per your needs – like how many wine bottles you would like it to hold, etc. Check the details of the project here.



Planter Boxes:

This is another fantastic woodworking idea for beginners. Using the plan we are sharing you can build a planter box that can hold numerous plants. You can customize the size as per your needs. There is also a provision of a heavy plastic liner and a drainage system that will help in draining off the excess water. For details of this project, check out this link.


woodworking ideas for beginners
Example of great woodworking ideas for beginners.


Blanket Chest:

Do you want to create a piece that will help you keep your kid’s room clutter-free? If yes, then this is the project for you. This project makes use of a simple screw joinery that makes it building faster. When it is built, all you have to do is dump all your kids’ toys here. Cleaning their room couldn’t have been easier. Follow the link for details of this project/



Picture Frame:

If you like to begin with a project that is very simple but quite memorable, nothing can beat building a photo frame. All you will need is some basic tools, some scrap wood and basic woodworking skills. Check out the link below for an easy to understand tutorial on constructing a picture frame.



So, you have five great woodworking ideas to start with. Now, gather the plans, tools and material and get started. Happy Woodworking.

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