5 Most Popular Sources For Woodworking Free Plans

There are a number of resources on woodworking online. Whether you are looking for beginner’s projects or advanced ones, there are great resources online for woodworker of every skill level. The problem is when you search for reliable sources for woodworking free plans; you will end up with too many of them – so much so that you are bound to be confused. How to know which one are genuine and which ones are not?

example woodworking free plans
Example of good woodworking free plans.

To help you with the same, we have handpicked some of the most reliable sources online that offer woodworking free plans. These sources are quite popular as they offer some detailed and comprehensive project plans for free. Not only plans, they often share some great tips and techniques, jigs, how to videos and much more and that too free. These resources are great for beginners and skilled woodworkers alike. So, without much ado let us have a look at them.

Here are 5 of the greatest sources that offer woodworking free plans:

  • About.com Woodworking Plans:

We all know about.com is a commendable website that provides information on almost any topic you can think of. Their woodworking section is also great. They share a number of woodworking free plans to help woodworkers take up newer projects. Check the link below to see what all they have to share.



  • American Woodworker

Browse the website of this popular woodworking magazine and you can get your hands on some great awesome free woodworking plans that come with detailed step-by-step instruction, making it quite easy to follow. It will definitely make you feel at ease with woodworking. From simple projects for beginners to complex projects for skilled professional woodworkers, there is something to learn for everyone.



  • Woodworking for Mere Mortals Woodworking Plans:

This website shares some of the most detailed and best woodworking plans online for free. These plans are available in .pdf format and can be downloaded and used instantly. The website is a wonderful resource for aspiring woodworkers. The best part is no need to register on the site; you can download plans instantly.



  • Start Woodworking

This is another great source on woodworking – especially for beginners. Everything on the site is organized in a user-friendly way. There are many free woodworking plans and videos all of which are explained in a simple language, with step by step instructions, and pictures. Here is the link from where you can have access to the free plans.



  • Fine Woodworking

Fine Woodworking shares some of the finest woodworking projects for free. The quality of the content on this site is definitely superior and is more suitable for advanced woodworkers. In order to get access to the free plans they share, you have to sign up for an account at the site. The good thing is it is free to sign up.



These were some of the very popular online sources on woodworking that offer free woodworking plans. Please take your time to browse these sites; we are sure you will find something that will catch your fancy.

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