5 Simple Woodworking Plans That Are Best Suited For You

Beginners in the field of woodworking are often intimidated when they see complicated wooden project plans. Many feel that things in woodworking are quite daunting and too overwhelming to be enjoyed. The truth is many beginners feel this way. But, once you get a hang of things in woodworking, things get clearer. Beginners needs to first try their hands on simple woodworking plans that are easy to understand and execute. Once they are able to pick up the basic skills, their confidence in their woodworking will grow and they will be ready for more exciting and challenging projects.

simple woodworking plans

These are my favorite simple woodworking plans:

  1. Bird House:

One of the simplest projects that a woodworker can take up is a bird house. In fact, it is a great project for kids too. Constructing a bird house from scratch is a great learning experience for beginners in the field of woodworking. Here is an easy to understand and execute plan for woodworkers.


  1. Bookcase:

If you are a beginner woodworker and have access to a woodworking workshop, you can try some bigger but simple project. One such project is the book case we are talking about. This wood project will need you to try your hands on some essential power tools. Here is the link that will provide you with step by step instructions and pictures.


  1. Picture Frame:

As a beginner if you want to create something memorable out of wood, then you should try your hands on making picture frames. Picture frames makes great gifts too. The good news is that you will need only some scrap wood and some basic tools to get started with this one. Here is the link where you can get the details of the project.


  1. Children’s Table:

Kids love things that are made just for them. Be it a simple table, rack or chair they love things that are made in the right size for them. If your want to present a surprise gift to your kid, this children’s table will make an ideal gift. Here is the link with step by step instructions to get started with the same.


  1. Telephone Stand:

If you want to make a piece of furniture that can be used in the house, but you want to make it with only a few tools and small piece of lumber, this telephone stand is a good choice. The process of making it is simple; it uses plywood boxes for making shelves and the joinery is quick and easy. You can but the project plan by following the link below.


So, these were 5 simple woodworking plans for beginners. You should try your hands on these, but keep in mind that woodworking is fun only till you abide by all the safety rules and norms. Since, most of the woodworking tools are sharp, using them carelessly can be dangerous. For best learning experience, always carry out projects under the supervision of an experienced woodworker.

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