5 Ways To Learn How To Build A Woodworking Bench

A woodworker’s workshop is incomplete if he doesn’t have a proper workbench. In fact, it is one of those equipments in the workshop that he will be using almost every day. A woodworking bench is used by a woodworker to hold the stock as he works on it. Since, every woodworker has his own style of working; every woodworker likes to build one as per his needs. A good woodworking bench should be heavy and sturdy enough to be able to handle all kind of work the woodworker wants to carry out on it.

To help you build the woodworking bench we are sharing 5 great resources online that will teach you how to build a woodworking bench. At first thought constructing a woodworking bench may seem like a simple thing, but it is not really that simple. It needs a bit of planning – the better is its layout, the more useful it will prove in the long run.

Here are 5 great ways to learn how to build a woodworking bench:

  1. Family Handyman Woodworking Bench

Do you have a small budget for making a woodworking bench? Don’t worry you can build one in just $50 by following the plan given in the link below. The best part is you can make it in just a day. The plan here is detailed and step by step. Check out:


how to build a woodworking bench
How to build a woodworking bench.


  1. Instructables Woodworker’s Workbench

This one is one of the best tutorials on making a woodworking bench. Detailed instructions, with step by step pictures, learning to make a woodworker’s bench could not be easier. Right from the material list, tool list, cutting guides to each and every small detail that goes into making this workbench is written and explained in details.



  1. Monster Workbench from Fine Woodworking

If you want to make a heavy duty workbench, then check out this monster workbench from the Fine Woodworking magazine website. In the link below, you can find a set of six videos each of the covers the various aspect of building it right from making a sturdy base, understanding the tenon techniques, assembling the base to installing the vises and giving it finishing touches.



  1. Garage Workbench

If you are looking to build a non-frills and simple garage workbench, then this one will be perfect for you. Just check the link below and get your hands on the step by step pictures and instructions.



So, these were 4 different tutorials to teach you how to build a woodworking bench. If you are looking for some more plans for making workbench, then we have another great resource for you. Check out the link from about.com and get access to 13 different woodworking bench plans.


All the work bench plans shared in this article vary in skill, cost and time it will take to complete it. Before starting working on any of these, make sure you read each and every plan and go carefully over them taking note of their space requirement and your work necessity.

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