6 Important Facts About Router For Woodworking

As a woodworker if you need to execute projects that needs various designs, shapes, grooves, etc., then you must own a wood router. With a router for woodworking, you can carry out all these work with ease. There are actually two types of routers available for woodworking – one if the fixed base and other is the plunge router. The plunge router is the advanced one and the fixed one is the basic one, but is capable of carryout out most jobs meant for a router.

The fixed base router has its limitations. Since, it has a stationary base; the depth of the cuts you want to make has to be set before starting the work. But, in a plunge base router the depth can be changed even when the router is running. For a beginner in the field of woodworking fixed based routers are good enough. However, most advanced woodworkers prefer a plunge based router for the versatility it offers. Since, it is more advanced and versatile, it is more expensive than the other one.

router for woodworking
Good Router for Woodworking from DeWalt.

Once you have decided if you want a plunge base router or a fixed base router, it is time to consider the other important factors which include the motor power, speed, collet diameter, dust control system, etc. With a brief discussion on the features that you need to consider, you will be equipped with the knowledge that will help you choose the right router for your woodwork.

Here are the 6 most important aspects about router for woodworking:

  • Horsepower: Buy routers for woodworking that has with a motor rating of 2 HP or more. More power will help to push larger bits through the stock.
  • Variable Speed: ideally you should opt for variable speed routers. Those with single speed are good only when working with small bits.
  • Collet diameter: Routers can use ¼ inch or ½ inch diameter bits. Buy one that accepts both ¼ inch and ½ inch bits.
  • Comfortable Grip: the router you choose should have c comfortable grip. It will aid you in working longer.
  • Dust Control: If can afford a router that comes with a dust control system in place then it would be best. A lot of dust is created while working with wood. So, with a dust collection system in place you will save a lot of time.
  • Power Switch: The power switch of the router should be conveniently located within your thumb reach. It may seem in significant, but it is a very important factor that should be considered.

These were some of the important factors that you should take into consideration when buying a router for working wood. Beginners can start with a fixed base router with a 2 HP motor and variable speed. Later, when you are well versed in its use, you can upgrade to a plunge base router.

It is very important for one to adhere to safety precautions while working with a wood router. One mistake could prove dangerous.

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