6 Projects To Try From Various Woodworking Magazines

As a woodworker you should always try to hone your skills, increase your knowledge about woodworking, and know what types of furniture are in vogue, etc. A very good way to do the same is by reading various woodworking magazines. Magazines unlike books talks about what’s in and trending; they cover different aspects of woodworking every month. If you do not want to spend too much subscribing for such woodworking magazines every month, then there is another way to learn new things and that too for free. Most of the popular magazines today also have an online presence through their websites. Their websites have loads of information on woodworking – right from project plans, tips, tricks and techniques, jigs and fixtures, tool reviews, etc.

oldest woodworking magazines
Some of the oldest woodworking magazines.

To make our point clear we are going to list 10 projects from various woodworking magazine websites that you should try. All the projects listed here vary in terms of the skills needed to execute them. So, depending on how basic or advanced your woodworking skills are, you should take it up. One piece of common advice to woodworkers of all skill level is that they should always adhere to the woodworking safety norms while working on these projects. In woodworking you have to make use of very sharp tools and equipments; most of them can cause you harm and injury if you use them recklessly. The importance of safety in woodworking cannot be emphasized enough.

Let’s check what woodworking projects we have chosen for you from various woodworking magazines:

  1. Jewelry Box

A jewelry box is one of the beginner’s woodworkers’ projects. It makes a great gift too. You can gift it to your mom or wife on some special occasion. Nothing beats the charm of a hand crafted gift. If you have been overwhelmed with the number of jewelry box plans you find online and are not sure what to pick, then check this out from the ‘Popular Woodworking’ magazine website. Just follow the link and get access to the jewelry box plan. In the process of making it, you will learn making jewelry box sized dovetail joints both using hand tools and power tools, how to cut half-blind dovetail joints, using a band saw for making curves, designing drawers and pulls and much more.



  1. Pedestal Picnic Table:

If you woodworking skills are advanced and if you want to try something more challenging, this pedestal picnic table from the American Woodworker can catch your fancy. Once, it is built you will be able to flaunt it by letting it adorn your deck or patio. This table has pedestal support and hence anyone seated on it will not have to worry about the table legs and not-getting-enough space issue. The size of the table is such that it will accommodate 6 people easily. Another interesting thing about is that the top is fastened from above, so you won’t see any nails or screw. If you are ready to take up the challenge, then here is the link where you can get all the project details.



  1. Arts and Crafts Wall Shelf

The next project that we have listed comes from the Fine Woodworking Magazine. It is unlike any commonly found shelf. Since, it comes from Fine woodworking magazine; you can be assured that it is one of the finest pieces around. There are a number of techniques that you will need to put to use when making this one – like using mitered joints for the columns, designing a decorative inlay, giving it a vintage finish, etc. Go through the whole project details as listed on the link given below before starting. Once, you understand each and every part of the project, you are good to start working on it. And believe us, you are going to have a great time making it.



  1. Craft’s Man Frame

After 2 challenging and complex projects, it makes sense to share a project that even beginners can try. Making a picture frame is one of the most common woodworking projects. It is a great way to brush some of the basic woodworking skills and the final product is a piece that you can cherish forever. The trick of getting perfect picture frame lies in getting the four mitered joints right. It is not all that difficult, but if you make a mistake – you will have to spend some time correcting it. Picture frames makes great gifts too, so make sure that you don’t just make one but lots. Follow the link below to get the details and step by step directions of the Craft’s Man Frame project from the American Woodworker magazine site.



  1. Bowfront Wall Cabinet

This is a great project from the Fine Woodworking site. It is not a very big or time consuming project, but it will let you learn quite a lot. Since, this piece of furniture features a curve on its front; you will get to learn a few joinery tricks essential for making curved front and drawers. If you want to learn vacuum-press veneering, you will get to learn that too. Find out the details of the project by following the link below.



  1. Elegant Writing Desk

Another interesting project to try from the Fine Woodworking magazine; making this essential piece of furniture can be a lot of fun. The elegant styling gives it a light look. Check out the link below to get the instructions on constructing it. There is a lot to learn here – right from how to make a drawer case, drawer frame, gluing the drawer case and how to make the veneer top. Here is the link to the project details


woodworking magazines
Woodworking magazines collection.


So, these are 6 of the varied woodworking projects that we have handpicked for you from various woodworking magazines. These are only a few of the free projects that are shared on their websites. So, if you are looking for more project idea, do check out their individual sites for inspiration.

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