7 Detailed Storage Shed Plans To Choose From

When it comes to storage space, the truth is you can never have enough of it. You might have a basement or a garage to store things away, but still after a time they are likely to be full and finding the things you need at the right moment can be an issue. The best solution to this problem is to build a storage shed in your garden or in your backyard where you can store the extra stuffs in an organized and easily accessible way. In order to make storage sheds, what you will need at first is a storage shed plan. To help you in constructing the kind of storage shed you need, we have chosen 7 varied types of sheds for you to choose from.

When it comes to making your own storage shed, you can also buy a storage shed kit and make one as per the manufacturer’s instructions. However, by following this process you will not be able to customize things as per your needs. So, it is likely to fall short of your expectations. On the other hand, when you design storage shed plans as per your own need, it may take a bit longer and may cost more, but, the end result will be more satisfying. There are various styles of storage sheds like gable, gambrel, and colonial that you can choose from and you can make them as small or large as you like. The sheds can be used for various things, like for storing tools, garden equipments, lawn mowers, fertilizers, etc. or it can even be utilized as a children’s indoor play area.

Without much ado let’s check out the 7 different storage shed plans that we have found for you.

  1. The Garden Shed:

This storage shed plan from Popular Mechanics is one of the best you can find online. It is a decent sized storage used that can be efficiently used to store various things like power tools, lawn mowers, gardening supplies, etc. With step by step detailed instructions along with pictures, making this with the following storage shed plans could not be easier. Follow the link below to download the plan and to go through the instructions.



  1. The Family Handy Man’s Cheap Storage Shed:

If you do not want to spend much on building your storage shed, then you will find this storage shed plan from the Family Handy Man’s site a good choice. This one makes use of modular construction and relatively inexpensive materials that makes it cheaper overall. The method of constructing is not as complex as it may look like, making it a good choice for woodworker with intermediate woodworking skills. Follow the link below to get the storage shed plan, step by step instruction and list of material that you will need to get started.


detailed storage shed plans
Beautiful storage shed with detailed storage shed plans.


  1. Colonial Style Storage Shed

This storage shed plan is a handsome; at 10X 16 ft., it is large enough to meet all your backyard needs. The good things about it is that it has been built from a set of mail-order building plan; it has 3 large windows, two pair or doors and also come with easy to install plywood sliding. You can use the entire space for storing or you could install a partition and use the area for different purposes, like one part for storing things and the other one can be children’s play area. If you want to get started with this shed project, check out the details here.



  1. Cedar Fence Picket Storage Shed

If you are looking for a storage shed that need not be very large, you should check this one from Ana White’s site. She not only shares her detailed, step by step instructions, but also shares some great tips to make sure that you build it the right way. And the best thing about it is that it will surely fit in your budget. Here are the details of this project.



  1. Gable Style Shed Plan

This Gable style storage shed plan has a portable foundation, so it makes it easy to shift you want to move it in future. That is indeed a good feature to have in your storage shed. This plan comes with illustrated pictures for each step and a complete material and cutting list to make the task easier for you. Here is the link for the details of the project.


storage shed
Highly detailed storage shed plans.


  1. Garden Closet Storage Shed

This is a small garden closet storage shed that is designed specifically for storing your gardening supplies. It is the size of a closet and is just the right size if what you need is a place for storing some basic lawn equipments and gardening tool. Follow the link below and get a comprehensive tool and material list, step by step instructions, diagrams and pictures that will help in making the process of building this shed easier.



  1. Super Tool Storage Shed

Here is another storage shed plan from Popular Mechanics that is just right for keeping lawn equipments and gardening tools. It occupies a modest 6X8 feet space, so it is not too large, nor too small, in fact just right for your needs. However, if you are looking for a larger shed, then you can easily expand it to 8X10. All you need to do is expand every part proportionally. The one we are sharing today comes with easy to follow shed plan, step by step instructions, tools and material list and pictures.


So, these were some of the great storage shed plans that you could choose from. All the plans we have shared here are complete by themselves and come with step-by-step building instructions, diagrams, photos, materials lists, cutting lists, etc. One you have gone through it thoroughly and have understood the steps involved, you will be able to construct them confidently for sure. So, what you are waiting for?

Take your pick and get started with your woodworking projects!

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