7 Detailed Wood Projects For Beginners

Working with wood is a great creative pursuit that can be extremely rewarding and can help you in channelizing your energy towards something really productive. Of course, there are other reasons as well as to why people find themselves attracted towards this craft. The wooden furniture and crafts displayed at stores and showrooms surely look quite amazing, but so steep are their price tags, that many people drop the idea of buying such things instantly. This is another reason why more and more people are attracted to try their hands in wood projects. It is a fact that you can save a lot of money by transforming simple and quite economical raw materials like MDF sheets, pine lumber into furniture that you wanted to adorn your house.

If you are a novice who want to learn the art of woodworking, then you should begin with simple wood projects. Wood is a very versatile material and you will be simply amazed by what all you can make from it – not only furniture but also decorative art pieces, small things like photo frames, utensils, storage, toys, etc. The good news is that there are a number of resources online both free and paid, that can help you in picking up this craft and hone your skills. What is absolutely necessary from your part is staying focused and dedicated. This is because the initial stages can be a bit daunting. But, once you pick up the basics, you will start enjoying it immensely and there will be no looking back.

In order to help you select the right wood projects when you start with this craft we have created a list of projects that are best for beginners. We will also share the links where you can the details of the project and step by

picture frame
One of the easier wood projects.

step instructions to execute it. Before you start working on any of these wood projects, we recommend that you get your basics about the various woodworking tools right, as it is the first stepping stone towards successfully completing any wood project.

We have found 6 detailed and easy wood projects suitable for every woodworking beginner:

  1. Tablesaw Picture Frame

This project from the American Woodworker is an easy one that requires just the tablesaw and absolutely no fancy jigs, no routers or sleds. You will also get to understand the importance of looking for the grain directions for a better looking final product. If you want to know the details of this wood project then please click this link.

  1. Wooden Spring Tongs

At first look you will feel that this wood project is quite complicated, but it is not really. This spring tong is a very useful kitchen tool. What makes it unique is the spring tab mechanism that is built into the knuckle joint. The good thing about this project is that it can be made from scrap wood. Once you have mastered the technique, make it to gift your friends and family. Here is the link to the project that has step by step instructions along with pictures.

  1. Sliding Book Rack

Most people want to try wood projects that are useful. The satisfaction one can have on using a wood product that they themselves made can be beyond measure. If you have been looking for one such project, then project will perfectly fit the bill. This sliding book rack is surely going to be something that you are going to treasure. The book ends can be adjusted as they slide over two rails and can hold any set of book. One you have made this one, you will surely have people asking you how you made it. For details of this project please check the link below:


  1. Craft’s Man Frame

If you are looking for a project that is classic, easy to make and that will brush some of your basic wood working skills, then this is the one to go for. Picture frames are not all that tough to make once you get the basic of getting four mitered corners perfectly cut and glued. This wood project will teach you how to half-lap – the traditional furniture maker’s joint. And you can make this as a gift too – who doesn’t like handmade gifts! All the details of this project with step by step directions and pictures are in the link below:


  1. Knockdown Wall Desk

    knockdown wall desk
    This one is a bit more complex wood project.

We found this project quite simple and yet very stylish. It is a modification of a ladder type bookcase with two upper selves and a work surface perfect to keep your laptop. You can get the details of the projects just for a few dollars by following the link below.


  1. Jewelry Box

How great it would be if you could create a jewellery box for your mom and gift it to her on her birthday? That is why we have found a great jewellery box plan for you from popular woodworking magazine. Just click the link below and get your access to the plan. It is simple and yet so special.


  1. Vine Trellis

This Vine Trellis projects is another very simple wood project, but it can prove very useful for your garden. It will definitely keep your climbing plant very happy. You will learn to use dadoes and glues. The slats are fastened with screw to make it sturdier. Here is the link to the details of this project:


So, now you have 7 interesting, easy to make beginners’ wood projects to try your hands on. Remember, since you are new to this craft you should carry out these projects under the supervision of an experienced woodworker. He will not only be able to guide your throughout the process, but will also clear your doubts. Since, woodworking involves the use of sharp tools and machines make sure that you are completely aware of the safety measures and precautions that you should adhere to while working on these projects.

Once you have successfully completed these projects, you can move on to trying more complex wooodworking projects to further hone your woodworking skills.

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