7 Woodturning Projects For Beginners

Woodturning is a very creative craft. It is a form of woodworking where objects of wood are created by turning wood stock on a lathe. The main difference between woodturning projects and most other forms of woodworking is that here wood is moving and the tool used to shape and cut it is stationary. It is amazing to see the variety of detailed designs and shapes that can be created by turning wood.

There are a number of resources for Woodturning projects online. While some of the best ones are paid, there are many other good ones that offer great woodturning projects details for free. At the end of the article we will tell you about some of the best online resources of woodturning, both free and paid. Before you start with any of the woodturning projects, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should always use quality woodturning tools. Inferior quality tool may break unexpectedly while turning wood and may cause injury to the woodturner.

woodturning projects
Beautiful selfmade woodturning projects

Once you have a sturdy lathe and quality woodturning tools, you will be good to start with all the woodturning projects that we are listing in this article.

Cake Stand:

Wood turned plates are pretty common – you will find it pretty much in any woodturning site. How about we add an innovative twist to it to create a cake stand? Well, if you are going to serve a homemade cake on a wooden cake stand, you know how it is going to stand out. If you are keen to create it, then we have found the perfect tutorial for this woodturning project. It is very detailed and that comes with step by step pictures and instructions. All the tools needed are specified so, it there is little room for doubt. If you want to appreciate your spouse’s baking skills, then probably you should gift her wood turned cake stand. No doubt, she will be elated. Click the click to get access to the project details.


Basic Bowl:

This is a good project for beginners in woodturning. This woodturning project is all about making a basic bowl of wood – you will learn all the steps involved in this project. It not only makes a good project for beginners but for those who need to brush up their basics. All the tools, safety instructions equipments and material are listed, so once you have them ready you are good to start. Check the link for the detailed instructions and process.


Flower Pots

If you want to create something decorative using your wood turning skills, making flower pots is a good place to start. It is an intermediate level of project which ambitious beginners or wood turners with some experience can try. Once the project is complete, it will give you a lot of satisfaction to see it holding flowers.  Typically, the flowers should be dry one as you can’t fill the wooden vase with water. However, if your use glass inserts or large test tubes, you can even use fresh flowers. Here is the link to the project details.


Staved Goblet

Making wood turned goblets is a very popular woodturning project. These are lovely pieces of art and are seldom used to hold the liquid, but still area favorite among woodturners. Here is the link to a detailed goblet project with an interesting twist.


Coffee Scoop

Turning a coffee scoop is an interesting and fun woodturning project. It may sound easy to make, but in reality there are a couple of challenges in making it. While working on this project, you need to ensure that your fingers are not coming in the way to turning it. The photo tutorial will help you understand each and every step in detail and will make this task easy for you. Check out the links for details.


Wooden Spoon

Wood spoons are perhaps the most used wood turned utensils in the kitchen. They are simple to turn and make great gifts too. You do need to do some amount of carving to get the bowl shape in it and the good thing is you can choose any type of wood that you like. The photo tutorial that we are sharing with you for this wood turning project teaches you each and every step involved in turning it – right from laying the turning blank, mounting on the lathe and cutting it. Using a power grinder to carve the bowl is also covered. Beginners in woodturning will find the project inspiring. Here is the link to the tutorial.


Wooden Pen

Turning pens out of wood are another of very popular woodturning projects. Since, these are small turned object, one need to focus on controlled turning and styling. The tutorial on turning pens which we are sharing here is detailed and comes with step by step instructions and photos, making it easier for you to understand the process and get started. Here is the link for the details of the project.


These were 7 different types of woodturning projects that you can try.

If you are looking for more  of online resources on woodturning, then here a few more sites that you should check out. All of them will equip you with some knowledge on woodturning and will help you in getting started.


It is a great site on woodturning with numerous projects of all skill levels, various turning tips and techniques, how-to turning videos and much more.


This site has a quite many woodturning projects – right from the beginner to advanced type.


This is the site of the American Association of Woodturners. Here you will find all the latest information regarding woodturning courses and the latest happenings in the field. They also publish woodturning magazines which come laced with projects, tips and lots of information on turning.


This site has quite a lot of information on woodturning right from projects, tools, tips, techniques, etc.


A site with comprehensive information on the craft of woodworking

So, with so much information on woodturning, you are good to get started with this craft.


This is one of my favorite videos for woodturning projects:

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