8 Basic Woodshop Projects For Beginners

Are you looking for woodshop projects for beginners? You have landed in the right place. You do not have a shop full of fancy woodworking tools and, yet love to work with wood and create something functional out of it. In this article, we have listed some of the basic wood shop projects for beginners that can be completed with basic woodworking skills and a minimum number of tools. If you have the basic hand tools and a couple of essential power tools in your shop, you are good to start. These projects will help you to hone your skills and will also inspire you to try something more challenging.

The projects we have listed here are from the Wood Magazine and will cost you as low as $5 per project. All you need to do is follow the link given in each of the project below, pay and download the instructions and get woodworking. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Without much ado, let’s check out the list of basic woodshop projects for beginners:

  1. Bench with storage:

Benches are indispensable in any household as there are a number of ways to use them. That is why we have chosen this sturdy bench with storage as the first woodshop project to try for beginners. It will take only a weekend to build this one. You may choose to stain and seal it or can also turn it into an antique piece by using milk paint. The tools you will need to get started with this project include a tablesaw, sander, drill and jigsaw. Just follow the link given below to get the step by step instructions of making this one.

woodshop projects
Example for great woodshop projects.



  1. Shelf with Mirror:

How great it will be if you could create something nice and elegant out of wood and one that could adorn your entry hall, bedroom or bathroom. The Shelf with Mirror woodshop project is simple yet stylish and can be made using the basic tools and readily available lumber. It is a very functional and will prove to be a useful addition in your house. Here is link from where you can download the instructions and directions.



  1. Toy Box/ Blanket Chest

If yow want to create something for you kid, you try making this toy box or blanket chest. In fact, more than your kids you will find the result of this woodshop project useful, as it will help you in keeping the house clutter free. Dump your kid’s toys here when he/she is not playing with them. This rugged box is created using solid wood parts and makes using of a simple screw joinery that makes building it quite fast. Check out this link for details.



  1. Telephone Stand

It is a functional furniture piece that can be made using a minimum number of tools and the basic woodworking skills. The design is neat and simple and consist of identical front and back face frames. It is connected using a plywood box that creates two shelves in the stand. It employs an easy and quick joinery that consists of screws in pocket holes to keep the frame together and the butt joints are glued for the final assembly. Buy the details of this woodshop project by following the link.



  1. Mission End Table

You will be amazed to find that a stylish project like this is actually so simple to make and can be made using just five tools. There are a good number of things that you will learn while working on this woodshop project –like learning how to conceal mounting screws with the help of decorative square plugs; you will also learn how to machine the plus using the tablesaw. It will also teach you to glue flat panels just by using two clamps and a simple jig. Learn all this and more. All you need to do is click the link below and get the step-by-step instructions on this project and get started.



  1. Stacking Shelf

Be it any room of your house, bedroom, dorm room, family room, this easy to build stacking shelf will make a versatile addition. The best part of this project is that the shelves are removable giving you the choice to move shelves and customize it as per your need. You can use it as a display self or move some shelves to create a workspace. Whatever your need, you can rearrange to create a custom solution.  Click the link to get the details of the project.



  1. Solid Oak Bookcase

This solid oak bookcase woodshop project is a classic project to try. You don’t actually need to own a dream workshop to build a handsome project like this. If you have the basic power tools, building it can be a breeze. In this project, you will also learn to make ogee bracket using stock crown molding. Want to get going with this project, just click this link at get started.



  1. Simple and Sturdy Tool Stand

You will be surprised to see that using some very inexpensive materials like 2x4s, 3/4″ MDF, and 1/4″ perforated hardboard; you can actually build this sturdy workstation. The best part is it can be made using a limited number of tools and material readily available in any woodworker’s shop. Here is the link to the project details.



As with any woodworking projects, we stress on the importance of safety. The tools one uses in a workshop are sharp and are meant to cut wood. Just imagine how fatal it could be to a human body if used carelessly. That is why, before starting on any of these woodshop projects, you will need to ensure that you know about all the safety precautions that one needs to adhere to while working with these tools. Once you are well versed to the safety rules, you can fearlessly try new projects and hone your skills further.

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