8 Cool Woodworking Project Ideas For Your Kids

Engaging your kids in creative art and craft activities is a great idea. Kids love to do new things and the very thought of trying their hands on something new can excite them. One of the great ways to put these energetic and creative minds to work is by engaging them in some kids-friendly woodworking projects. Such projects are not only great to give a vent to their creativity, but are also a good means to enhance the dexterity with which they use their fingers. However, there are a few key safety pointers that you need to keep in mind before your engage your kids in such projects.

First thing that you should remember is that every kid is different and they mature at different rates. Some kids may not enjoy working with wood while others can love it absolutely. It is very important that you understand your child’s interest. If even after a few days of engaging them in woodworking projects, they do not seem interested in it, then maybe you should try some other ways to engage them. For very young kids, wood projects involving the use of glue and Popsicle sticks are best, as they are very safe and quite inexpensive. For older kids who are old enough to understand the safety measures when working with wood – there are various simple and fun woodworking projects that can be undertaken under the strict supervision of adults. Once safety and age appropriateness concerns are addressed, you are good to go ahead. By carrying out projects together with your kids will give you a great opportunity to know about their talent and potential.

If you are looking for simple, easy to execute, and fun woodworking project ideas for kids, then here are some cool project ideas for kids that can catch your fancy.

At the end of the article, we will share some links for some more additional information on such projects.

  1. Wooden Signs

    wooden birdhouse
    Wooden birdhouse – Very easy doable for kids.

It is perhaps the easiest woodworking projects that you can involve your child in. All you will need is a one inch thick wooden board and a little creativity. You can introduce your child to various basic stains and dyes. Once the project is done use it as a welcome sign in your house. It will indeed make your kid very happy.

  1. Wall Key Hanger

It is also another interesting and easy project that you can take up with your kid as it doesn’t require too much measuring or cutting. Just choose a well proportional cut piece of scrap wood, sandpaper for giving it a smooth finish and a few screwing metal hooks. If you like you can paint it before screwing the hooks in place.

  1. Bird Houses

This is perhaps one of the popular projects among kids. Since, this woodworking project will involve some measuring and cutting, make sure that you supervise the whole process of making it. The satisfaction and happiness you will see on your kid’s face once they see their creation installed in the garden or backyard is beyond measure.

  1. Safe box

Making a simple safe box is another interesting woodworking projects for kids. Make sure you choose a simple design to make it easier for them. The best part is your kid can use it once the project is complete; it will give him a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  1. Wooden Airplane

    wooden airplane
    A wooden airplane is a great project for your kids.

By the name of it, it may seem like a very complex project to you. But, really it isn’t. That is because you will not be making it from scratch. Readymade wooden airplanes pieces are available to buy and all you need to do is glue them well to build the airplane. Once the parts are glued together, you can go ahead with painting it. We can assure you that once the project is done, your kid will spend hours flying it!

Check also the wooden airplane made out of balsa wood.

  1. Toy Race Car

Tell your boys that you would be making a wooden toy race car and watch them buzz into excitement. It is a woodworking project similar to the wooden airplane project mentioned above. Your kids will not only have a fun time making it, it will also be a perfect toy for them to play with afterwards.

  1. Bird Table

Making a bird table is not only a great woodworking project for kids, it is also a means to induce their interest in birds. The bird table acts as a great feeder for birds and it can attract a lot of birds and wildlife in your backyard or garden.

  1. A Tree House

    wooden toy car
    Great toy for your kids – Also easy to create.

If you are looking for a more ambitious woodworking project to work with older kids, then building a tree house can be a really great project to take up. There will a lot of things to learn for the kids and it will also put your skills to test. A tree house is something kids are always fascinated about. So, by engaging them in such a project, you will not only teach them some wood working basic skills but will also get a chance to bond with them and spend a quality time. Once the project is completed, your kids will have something to brag about to their friends.

Now, you have got 8 cool wood working project ideas that you can work on with your kids. There are many such other projects that you can take up.

To help you in your search for such projects we have compiled a list of some very amazing online resources that you will find very useful:

  • http://naturalpapa.com/homeschool/woodworking-projects-for-kids-online-resources/
  • http://www.bedroomfurniturespot.com/woodcraft-for-kids
  • http://www.curiocabinetspot.com/resources-for-childrens-wood-working

Involving kids in woodworking projects is a great way to channel their creativity and put it to great use. Kids get to learn to take measurements, carry out practical mathematical calculations and also learn to use various woodworking tools for a number of different tasks. It will also help in developing other qualities and traits in them, which will help them to grow into independent individuals.

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