8 Easy Woodwork Projects That Novices Can Try

For a beginner in the field of woodworking, working with wood may seem quite complicated to be enjoyable. People who are uninitiated in the field, often find it daunting and overwhelming. Terms like mitered joints, mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints, chamfer bevels, etc., are enough to intimidate people. However, once people get started with some easy and basic woodwork projects, they gradually gain new woodworking skills. As their skills are honed, their confidence grows and that are ready to take up more challenging projects.

So, here is a very important piece of advice that practically applies to all novices in this field – start with small projects that need only the use of a few basic tools and minimal materials. It will pave the way for maximum learning, better productivity and will make the learning process enjoyable. Once you are comfortable with the basic hand tools, you can then try your hands on the basic power tools. Wondering what types of beginner’s woodwork projects that you should take up – here are 8 such projects that we have found for you. The first five are relatively simple and can be done using basic hand tools, however the latter 3 woodwork projects are for advanced woodworkers who knows how to use power tools.

Here are the 8 best woodwork projects for beginners and advanced woodworkers:

  1. Bird House:

Bird houses are among the most favorite projects that beginners take up. In fact, for many people, their first woodwork project is a bird house. The thought of making a house for birds appeals to kids as well. Making a bird house is simple and easy and yet a great learning experience. If you are looking for a perfect bird house plan, then here is one that we have found for you.


birdhouse woodwork projects
One of many detailed bird house woodwork projects.


  1. Picture Frame:

If you just want to create something out of wood that is simple and yet memorable, then try this picture frame project. They also make a great gift. If you have access to some basic tools and some scrap wood you can get started with this project. Here is the link to the tutorial on building a picture frame.



  1. Window Gardening Box:

Most city dwellers often do not get to live in a house that comes with a garden. That is why many people cannot enjoy the pleasures of gardening. However, with this little window gardening box, you can create a mini garden right outside your windows. What’s more you do not need any special tools and advanced woodworking skills to create them. Some scrap wood and just a set of basic tools is enough to get you started with this woodwork project. Here is the link to a simple DIY tutorial that will help you in building it.



  1. Cross Legged Table:

Once you have tried your hands on the projects listed above, you may want to create something more substantial. For example: a table. Well, if you decide to go for a large table, you will certainly be going for a huge project. So, why not get started with a smaller one. The one we are talking about here is made using left over fence boards. You will be surprised at how easy it is to put together this cross legged table. Check this link for the details of this project.



  1. Rustic Basket:

This is another great beginner’s woodwork project that can be made using a few pieces of scrap wood or plywood. The rustic look of this basket will make you fall in love with it. There are a number of ways you can use it – to carry wine bottles, soda cans, beers, etc. The best thing is you can customize it as per the material you have. Here is a simple and easy to understand tutorial that you make your hands itch to try this woodwork project.



rustic basket woodwork project
Great rustic basket woodwork project



  1. Bookcase:

If you have access to a wood workshop, then you can try your hands on simple but bigger projects. This stand up bookcase project is one such woodwork project. Below id the link to its tutorial that has the step by step pictures and instructions. It is however advisable to a beginner that they carry out this project under the supervision of an experienced woodworker.



  1. Children’s Table:

This children’s table project is quite simple and the end project is definitely going to be a wonderful addition to your house furniture. If you have a kid who wants a table that is just the right size for him, you should try and make this for him. Follow the link below to get the project plan and step by step instructions of the same.



  1. Wooden Mailbox:

This is a very interesting woodwork project that a beginner can take up. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t need a number of tools or material and it is easily customizable. You can use some scarp wood or plywood to get started. To make building it easier for you, here is a pictorial tutorial with step by step pictures and instructions.



Once, you have tried each of these woodwork projects, you will find that your woodworking skills have developed considerably and that you are able to work with wood with a great deal of confidence. For anyone in the field of woodworking – whether beginners or experienced woodworkers, the rules of safety are just the same. At no point in time one should take the safety instructions and woodworking rules with indifference as it is a sure shot indicator that at some point in time you will injure yourself while working with wood. Tools used in woodworking are meant to cut a material as tough as wood, so if used carelessly they can prove dangerous for the person working with it.

Whenever you begin with a project, first check the safety rules, then the tools and material you will need. Then go through the instructions thoroughly. Once, everything makes sense to you, you are good to start working on your woodwork project.

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