8 Toy Box Plans That You Can Choose From

Of all the furniture that you have in your house for your kid, a toy box is perhaps one the most useful one. It does a great job in helping you to keep your child’s room neat and tidy, by housing all the toys when they are not needed. If there is shortage of space in your kids’ room you can choose a toy box plan that lets you build a toy box that can also be used as play table and bench. This way it will help you in making the most of all the space you have.

When it comes to choosing the best toy box plans, you are actually going to be spoilt for choices. Depending on what your need is you can easy create a normal toy box to keep toys or an elegant piece of your home furniture that is not only functional, but also beautiful. You can choose a themed toy box plan for your child. Such pieces of furniture are very close to the kids’ heart and hence, even when they outgrow their toy box, they often use it as their hope chest. For finishing this piece of furniture, you can choose from a number of finishing options like using a stain that matches the room décor, or using colorful non-toxic enamel as per the theme of your child’s room.

Here we share 8 great toy box plans for you:

  1. Modern Toy Box with Lid:

The first toy box plan that we have chosen is a simple yet elegant one from Ana White.  This toy box comes with a lid, it is functional and quite simple to construct. You can find the details of this toy box plan in the link given below. There are many ways you can customize it, you can set its length as per the space you have, you can finish it the way you like, you can make anagrams on its sides too and you can increase its height too. You can be as creative as you like as the options of customizing it are numerous.


toy box
Modern and beautiful toy box.


  1. Open Toy Chest:

If you would rather have a toy chest with an open top, then this toy chest plan from Ana White will suit you more. The good thing about this project is it is a low budget one, so you don’t really have to spend much on it. You can in fact use scrap plywood and mdf boards to construct this one. You can get the detailed step by step instructions along with illustrations in the link below.



  1. Chic Wood Toy Box:

This is another variation of the open toy chest above. With step by step pictures, making it could not be any easier. We loved the look of this chic wood toy box. Check out the details here.



  1. Easy Toy Box:

Here is another great but simple toy box plan that you can try. The best thing about this one is that this one comes with a simple and easy trick to do away with all the dust that forms when working with MDF boards, thereby helping you keep your workshop neat and clean. Click the link below to get the free toy box plan and also see the step by step pictures of constructing it.

A Toy Box That Anyone Can Make


  1. Safe Wooden Toy Box

A toy box has a number of roles to play. It is the place where kids can store their toys, books and games, hence keeping the room clutter free. It also teaches kids to act responsibly. The toy box plan we are sharing here comes with two safety lid supports that stop the top from falling. When the lid is down, it can be used as a bench. It also comes with finger slots which make it easy to move when needed. Follow the link below to get all the details of this project.


toy box plans
Part of detailed toy box plans


  1. Wagon Toy Box

If you want a fancy toy box that will make your child squirm with delight, then have a look at this wagon toy box. It is sturdy enough to take the load of numerous toys and is covered like a wagon. It comes with wheels so, it is quite easy to move it from place to place. Check out the details of this tool box plan in the link below.



  1. Double Duty Chalkboard Toy Box

This toy box plan is another ingenious idea that comes with a chalk board. So, it not only works as a toy box but also lets kids doodle their creative ideas on the chalkboard. That means no paper litter and less cleaning work. However, do note that this project is not meant to be freestanding and it should be placed against a wall or any other structure for better support. Check out the details of this project with step by step instructions in the link below.



  1. Barn Style Toy Chest

This toy chest is designed to look like a mini barn. So, if your kid loves horses, he will love this toy chest for sure. This toy box plan comes with special lid support and wheels on the bottom. Do not be intimidated by its design, it is quite simple to make it. In fact, you can involve your kid to in the process of making it. They can help you with measuring, sanding, and painting while you can take care of the clamping and sawing. Here is the link where you can get the details of the project.



Of course, you need not follow all these toy box plans to the T. If you have some experience in woodworking projects, you can easily customize them as per your needs. Place partition inside the box for better organization, paint or stain it differently or play with their width and height. One thing is for sure, your kids are going to love it.

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