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9 Highly Detailed Work Bench Plans

One of the most important pieces of equipments that any woodworker need to have in his workshop is a work bench. Ironically, there is no one-size-fits-all work bench plan that will suit every woodworker. There are various factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the right work bench plan – shape, size, portability, height, etc. Most woodworkers like to have their own customized work bench – one that is designed keeping in mind the kind of woodworking project they take up and their working style.

If you are looking for a work bench plan that will suit your needs most, then do go through the 9 different types of work bench plans that we have listed below. It is not necessary for you to follow any design to the T; in fact, you can inspire yourself by looking at the various work bench listed here and then design a customized one for yourself. The plans we are sharing below vary in their shape and size, skill level, cost of making and the time needed to construct them from scratch. After you go through each of them, you will be able to decide which one is that suits your need and is as per your skill level.

work bench plans

Detailed work bench plans.

Here are 9 of the most detailed work bench plans

  1. All Purpose Work Bench from Art of Manliness:

The first work bench plan we are sharing here is, as the name suggest an all-purpose work bench.  It is quite suitable for easy to intermediate projects. If you need a solid, versatile work surface that is as good for assembling a bird house as it is for sharpening a mower blade, this work bench plan will work for you. It has some basic features that are essential to any work bench, like strong, rigid surface, power corded tools, shelf for tools and wheels that makes it portable. Check out the details of how to go about making it in the link below:


  1. Real Woodworker’s Bench from

A real woodworker’s bench is not just a table, but is a means for holding the work piece to be worked upon. This woodworker’s bench from is very good one. Each and every step involved in making this project has been discussed in details. So, anyone interested in taking up this project will have no problem what so ever. The material details, the project plans, the steps, the assembling process, etc., every aspect of this job is covered. Check out the details here:


  1. Simple Work Bench Plan from family Handy Man:

If you are a beginner in the field of woodworking and are looking for simple work benches plan that translates into not only a sturdy work bench but also a functional one, this is the one that will fit your bill. Just follow the steps provided in link below and you will be able to create a sturdy and tough workbench that will be suitable for carry out all sort of woodwork. It also houses drawers and shelves for storing tools making it really functional.


  1. Monster Work Bench from Fine Woodworking:

This is quite a work bench that will be suitable for all sorts of jobs that you will be carrying out in your workshop. The best thing about this work bench plan is that there is an elaborate video tutorial that will help you in making it from scratch. Can’t wait to know more details and get started, here is the link to the tutorial.


  1. Sturdy Workbench from Ana White:

What makes Ana’s site different is that every project listed there is absolutely easy to follow and looks doable. The sturdy workbench projects shared here is explained in a detailed way with illustrations making it really easy to follow. Here is the link that will guide you to build this sturdy bench:


  1. Rock Solid Plywood Bench from Fine Woodworking:

Just as the name implies, this workbench is strong and rigid. It makes use of reliable mortise and tenon joinery. The design is quite simple but effective and functional. It is a project that can be taken up by beginner woodworkers as it can be made without a jointer and planer. Download the project details by following the link below.


  1. Modular Work Station from ShopNotes:

This is another great workbench plan that is designed with limited workshop space in mind. This plan from ShopNotes is designed to make use of shop space effectively. Follow the link below to check the details of this modular work station.


  1. Dream Workbench from American Woodworker:

With a thick top, a sturdy base, a pair of vises and bench dogs, lots of drawers and storage space, this woodworking bench plan is as good as it can get. If you have long dealt with a wobbly work bench, it is time you switched to a sturdy one. This work bench doesn’t just boast of a rock-solid platform but with the use of a simple technique, it is also mobile. This is one bench that will last in your workshop for generations. It is heavy duty and can endure all sorts of abuse. Follow the link below to have a look at the step by step tutorial that come accompanied with pictures.


  1. Garage Workbench Plans from Bobs Plans:

For a woodworker that needs a lot of features in his work bench like a large work top, several drawers and a cabinet to store tools, hardware and accessories, this work bench plan from Bobs Plans is a good choice. It is quite a challenging and advanced work bench plan. It is also mobile as it features wheels underneath it. Here are the details of this project, just follow the link below to check the plan and instructions.


A sketch of a detailed work bench plan.

A sketch of a detailed work bench plan.


So, these were 9 of the most varied work bench plans. You can use these workbench plans as inspirations and can create you’re your customized design. You can play with its shape and size to come up with a workbench that meets your work and space requirements.