9 Wood Crafts Any Woodworking Beginner Should Try

Since ages the art of wood crafts has caught the fancy of people. There are intricate and detailed wooden pieces that belong to the past centuries – a time when there were no advanced woodworking tools and power equipment. Even at such times, there were woodworkers, who were dedicated to this craft. If you are a beginner in this field and have acquired some basic skills, you would definitely want to take up newer projects that are not only as per your skill level, but are able to hone your woodworking skills further.

If you are looking for ideas for wood crafts, then you will find this article quite useful. Here we are listing 9 different wood craft ideas with relevant links. The projects listed here vary in terms of the woodworking skills needed to execute them. So, in any case if you feel that a project is too complex for your skills, you should work on it only under the supervision of an expert woodworker. Another important thing to keep in mind while working with wood is that, you need to stick to all the essential safety precautions. As a woodworker, you need to work with sharp tools and equipments. So, any lapse on your part can be a cause of harm and injury.

9 Amazing & Detailed Wood Crafts For Woodworking Beginners

  1. Wine Crate Coffee Table:

Sometimes, you do not have to work on a project right from scratch, this is one such project. The one we are talking about is made of wine crates. So, when working on it, you will not only be recycling wine crates, you will also be create something useful and elegant out of it. This project from Good Home Design is a great wood craft idea for beginners. Do you want to get the details of getting started with it- here is the link of the same.

How to Make a Coffee Table from Wine Crates

wood craft
Stunning wood craft.


  1. Wood Slab Wall Clock:

A beginner in the field of woodworking might not have an access to the latest tools and equipments. But, that should not really provide a hindrance in the process of making something nice out of wood. Check the link below to know how you can create a beautiful and attractive wall clock out of a slab of wood. You can make use of your creativity and beautify it the way you like. It also makes a great handmade gift.



  1. Wood Toy Box:

If you want to build something from scratch, but do not want the project to be complex then, check out this Wood Toy Box project. It is an open top chest. So, it is relatively simple to build. The link we are sharing below has a pictorial tutorial to make things easy for you. Check it out here:



  1. Jewellery Box:

A jewelry box is another project which beginners love to take up. In order to execute this wood craft idea, you will need a few tools and some basic woodworking skills. It makes a great gift too. Since, we have listed this project from the American woodworker’s site, you can expect to find detailed instructions and step by step pictures.



  1. Bird House:

Ask any woodworker, what was the first project he had undertaken; you will find them a majority of them will say – bird house. It is in fact, a great project that can be undertaken with kids. Kids love the idea of building a house for birds. There are a number of bird house plan and ideas you can find online. The bird house project we are listing here is simple and easy to execute. Follow the link below to get step by step instructions of constructing it.



  1. Wooden Mailbox:

Just like the bird house wood craft idea, making a wooden mail box is an interesting one too. One doesn’t need a number of tools to make this one. In fact, if you have some scrape wood and plywood, you can get started with it. You can easily customize it as per the space you have or as per your needs. Here is a pictorial tutorial of the same with step by step pictures and instructions.


example wood crafts
Beautfil example of wood crafts.


  1. Rustic Basket:

A wooden basket can be really handy in many occasions. You can use it to carry soda cans, beer cans or snacks. The basket we are talking about here is made up of scape pieces of plywood and wood. With a rustic look, it has a charm of its own. Depending on how big or small you need it, or the size of material you have you can customize the plan. Here is the link to a simple and easy to understand tutorial for this wood craft idea.



  1. Wooden Pen:

Till now, we have concentrated on typical woodworking projects. The wooden pen wood craft idea is actually a woodturning project. Woodturning can be called a branch of woodworking and is quite popular among woodworking enthusiasts. If you like the idea of creating wooden pens, here is a link that will take you to tutorial that comes with a detailed and step by step instructions and photos. Once you are able to turn a pen, you will be able to apply the skills to turns many other such objects. Wooden pens make a great gift too, so make sure that you turn them in bulk.



  1. Basic Wood Turned Bowl:

If you enjoyed turning pens, you would also love this project. This is a project where you can turn a bowl out of wood. It is a good project for beginners and advanced woodworkers alike. The link we are sharing below for this wood craft idea comes with a tool list, material list, instructions and safety precautions. Follow the link for more information:



So, these were 9 great wood craft ideas that any woodworking beginners will love to try his hands on. When you have the finished product of these projects in your hand, the satisfaction you will experience is beyond measure.

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