A Simple How-To: Woodworking For Big Profits

In today’s day and age, everyone is eager to make a quick buck. Even if you are not the most money minded person out there, nobody minds making a few extra dollars and that too from a hobby that you love. Woodworking for profit is something that should be considered by every woodworker that has a command over his skills and can use them to create fine projects that have multiple uses. They can be simple or complex ones, the price varying according to the effort you have to put into it. By carrying out a thorough search of some of the popular woodworking forums, some of the easiest and fast selling woodworking projects have been listed in this article.

Simplicity is Key for Woodworking for big profits

As with everything else in life, it is best to keep things simple. The main goal here is to create projects that are not only simple but also less time consuming and sold at reasonable prices. This allows you to reproduce a lot of good products in a small time frame, giving you the advantage of monetizing your hobby effectively. You do not need to have an extensive shop with all the latest woodworking equipment to create projects that sell. Below is a list of woodworking projects that you can make and sell with ease.

Great book by Martin Edic: Profitable Woodworking
Great book by Martin Edic: Profitable Woodworking
  • Clothespins
  • Candlestick holders
  • Bookmarks
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Bar Stools
  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Birdhouses
  • Cutting boards
  • Canes and walking sticks
  • Rolling Pins
  • Wall Hangings

The most interesting thing about the above list is that the most popular woodworking projects are custom made furniture, such as tables, stools and benches. All the things that have been mentioned do not need some specific material, which would cost a lot and can be made in a simple small scale shop. This gives you some ground to make variations which can help you decide what will sell more and what will be more appealing to a certain set of customers. Focus your attention on how best to use woodworking for profit.

After careful research, it has been established that items which are under 100$ will sell the most. This is because people don’t have an issue taking out a smaller amount of money and spending it on something new and creative. These can be gifts items in particular which makes this all the more appealing if you plan on making long term profit more possible.

When venturing into new territory, especially when related to business, it is best to consult with somebody who has had prior experience in the industry or simply ask your friends and family for their suggestions. The best way to gain unbiased feedback is by gifting them something you have made.

Defining Your Brand:

When it comes to woodworking for profit, you usually get started in an arbitrary way. Initially you can experiment with different things and try to figure out what would work most for you. This can depend on a number of factors, including the area you are planning to set up shop.

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