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My name is Mike Petterson and I am a professional woodworking enthusiast and member of the AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute). I was born in 1963 in Claremont, California. As a child I was able to learn the art of woodworking with my grandfather, who taught me everything he knew. Together we produced some really good looking pieces of furniture. Some of the most beautiful projects still remain in my house, over 40 years later.

I am really happy to work with wood every single day for over 43 years now. I have been privileged to consider woodworking my longlife business, which means that I am still able to live off of my woodworking knowledge. Nowadays I am building every kind of woodworking furniture for my clients.
This website is some kind of addition to my long list of hobbys. I am lucky to have enough free time in my old years now and can afford to use this website as some kind of a diary for my woodworking skills. In the past decades I have gained such a huge amount of knowledge in this field and it would be a shame if it would be lost one day. That`s why I decided to create this website with the help of my son, who certainly knows much more about this “internet” than I do.

I am trying to put as much useful content on this website about woodworking as I can. I really hope you, as my fellow woodworking friend, will gain a lot of helpful tipps & tricks off of my internet page.

Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to answer your questions as fast as possible!

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