Basic How To: Refinishing Wood Work Tables

Have you taken a look at your home’s furniture and you are thinking about working on some new woodwork project? Well, it is not always necessary that you start all over again; sometimes the furniture needs a little refinishing and a little cleaning up. If you think that the wood work tables in your house has gotten old, then before throwing them away or making new ones, try refinishing them.

There can be tons of reasons for which you might consider refinishing your wooden tables. If you want to bring a change, then why not start with the color. The color might have faded because of the use and abuse so it’s going to be a shot worth it to try refinishing the tables.

Here are some simple steps you will have to follow while refinishing wood work tables

refinishing woodworking tables
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Start with removing all the old coatings

You will have to clean all the old stains and bring the wood in its original form. You can use a paint or varnish remover for removing the coatings. You will just have to apply the vanishing remover and let it work. After this, wipe off the coating and the wood will come in its original form.

Remove all the irregularities

Do you see any bumps in the wood? If so, then you will have to get rid of them too. Use sandpaper or sander to clear all these irregularities. The sand paper you choose should be thick. When all the bumps are removed then move to the fine sandpaper and smooth the irregularities.

Clean and dry the wood work tables

All the dust and debris must be removed from the stables by sanding the tables. After this, you can clean the sand accumulated with a damp cloth. Make sure they are clean till you move forward. Apply another coat of the stain remover. You will have to leave it as it is for almost 2 days till you are ready to do anything further.

Check the thickness

Check the thickness of the woodwork tables. If it needs any sanding then use the sand paper to even out any bumps. After this you are required to apply second coat of the stain and make sure you leave it for 3 days.
Then finally your wood work tablesare going to be ready to use. You will have beautiful pieces of furniture ready to adorn your home without spending much money.


Here`s an amazing video, which describes refinishing different wood works in a great way!

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