Where to Find the Best Quality Wood for Your Woodworking Projects

Making projects won’t be possible without wood if you’re a woodworker. But, it can be difficult to find the right wood for your woodworking needs. So, now, you wonder where to buy wood for woodworking. No need to worry because you have many options where to get wood. Check this post to find out the best places to get the best quality wood.


The place you should visit first for quality wood is your local sawmill. That’s because they have the finest wood. It’s also more affordable compared to large shops. You can also ask the miller to prep the wood depending on your preference. However, you can’t just directly drop by a sawmill and buy wood. Single purchases aren’t common in sawmills. They earn by selling wood in bulk. Also, it’s likely not worth it for them to go through their wood stack just to sell a few pieces. 

Hardware Stores

Hardware Stores for quality wood project


The next place you can visit is a nearby hardware store. They often have a small selection of wood since they restock more on wood types that sell fast. But, you won’t break the bank here if you find the wood you need. There are also hardware stores that offer delivery.

Home Depots

Home depots are another option for budget-friendly wood. You can sometimes save even more money because they offer discounts. They can also do the wood cutting for you. It’s better to spend time choosing the wood yourself at the store rather than ordering it online and picking it up. You might be given poor-quality wood, so it’s best to see the wood you’ll purchase.

Exotic Hardwood Stores

What makes exotic hardwood stores a good place to buy wood is the variety they have. They also offer bigger pieces of exotic wood commonly purchased by woodworkers. This is a must-visit if you want to explore fun and unique wood types. You could spend 1 to 2 hours looking at the wood they offer.

Lumber Yards

Are you looking for wood ideal for light framing? Visit a lumber yard and you can find the wood to complete your project. Keep in mind that lumber yards are located outdoors, so the wood is exposed to different conditions. If this isn’t an issue with your project, chances are, you’ll find quality wood here. If you plan to purchase several pieces of wood, you can save more. Some lumber yards offer special deals and bulk pricing.


From high-end to one-of-a-kind wood, buying wood online gives you the chance to see a very nice selection. But, you won’t be able to see it in person unless you pay for it first. You could also pay more for shipping if you purchase larger wood pieces. So, smaller wood pieces are better to be bought online. That’s because they are lighter and cheaper to ship. It’s also less likely to arrive damaged,

Best Ways to Save Money When Buying Wood

What Are the Best Ways to Save Money When Buying Wood?

The next thing we’re going to talk about is where to buy wood for woodworking without spending a lot.

Community Groups

One of the best ways to save money in wood is by joining Facebook groups. You’ll likely meet someone willing to sell the low-priced wood they have at home for a project that didn’t happen.

Though some sell it for a decent price, some give it away. So, log on to your Facebook and discover what these community groups have to offer.

Secondhand Furniture

Another good use of Facebook for getting wood cheap is its Marketplace. You can also check out yard sales and thrift stores for secondhand furniture. Broken sofas have wood for its frame, so you can start browsing for these.

Carpenters/ Local Wood Stores

Search on the internet for carpenters who make or install cabinets near you and local shops that sell wooden floors. You can ask them if they have wood scraps that you can buy. Remember to be respectful and inform them ahead of time if you’ll drop by.

You can get special types of wood cut-offs at a very good price from them. They sometimes even have cut-offs of high-end wood.

Bundled Wood

You can try calling the lumberyard in your area and ask if bundled wood is available. Bundled wood is either damaged or defective wood. If you can find ways to use this kind of wood and purchase it in bulk, you can get it at a very reasonable price.

Discount Section

You can see a discount rack of wood at Home Depot. You might see it as a rolling cart in the lumbar section. This wood is bent or broken hence, the discount. But, similar to bundled wood, you can find usable parts of this wood.

Is It a Good Call to Get Wood from Lumber Yards?

Yes, it’s a better option to get wood from lumber yards. Depending on your woodworking project, they are more affordable compared to large stores. Aside from saving more at lumber yards, you get better quality wood and service since selling wood is what their business is about.

Because lumber yards focus on wood only, they buy wood in very large volumes. This gives them the edge over their suppliers. As a result, they can offer their wood at cheaper prices than large stores. Isn’t the price difference just a few dollars higher or lower? Well, yes, but you get way better quality wood from lumber yards.

The storage also affects the quality of wood. Hardware stores often keep their wood in stacks tightly. Because some customers carefully check the wood here, the wood can be bent or chipped, decreasing not only the quality but also durability.

At lumber yards, on the other hand, there is ample airflow in their wood thanks to their strategic storage method. They use kiln-dried wood. This is a big space that dries green wood out slowly. When wood is kept in this way, there is full control not only in air flow but also humidity and temperature.

Can You Buy More Affordable Wood from Sawmills?

The answer depends on the prices you see from sawmills, lumber yards, or other places. Sawmills offer reasonably-priced wood. But, it doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest simply because they produce and cut their wood.

How about buying wood from a sawyer in your neighborhood? The wood you’ll have might be what’s available in your area. Still, this can be cheaper. You’ll also have the chance to build good relationships. Then, they can advise you about woodworking or if they have special wood on hand.

Overall, it’s a great place to go for wood needs. But, remember that there are sawmills that only have common wood types. So, it would be better not to expect a selection similar to exotic hardwood shops.

Though lumber yards provide better information about wood, sawmills are great information sources as well. It’s also worth trying to ask for small orders. It’s true that sawmills mostly deal with large orders. You’ll never know if they’ll grant your request.

Another thing you have to consider is that the wood is untreated most of the time. Better to inquire also if they have the wood treatment you need for your project. Try befriending the owner, too. You can have higher chances of having your wood treated whatever your project requires.


To end, there are a lot of places to buy quality wood for your woodworking projects. Nevertheless, the best places to begin your search for wood are sawmills, lumber yards, and hardware stores.

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