Big Collection Of Great Woodworking Plans For Kids

Summers are here and you must be looking forward to spend a valuable time with your kids. Summer is the best time to teach your children some other skills other than regular study and reading. It will not only make them vigilant but they will get a chance to learn a lot.

If you are ruminating for the best plan for your kids for this summer then this article is best to read. It will provide you best woodworking plans for kids. Woodworking is a novel activity that has recently been adopted by many parents to teach their children the concepts of measuring, fixing and cutting. Not only this but they also get a chance to learn the use of tools. Let’s make your kids’ summers worth it!

Before you start working on a project there are some tips for buying tools that you will need for completing the project.

These 3 tipps are crucial if you are about to buy woodworking plans for kids:

1) Do not buy cheap tools

Do not go for cheap articles. This may ruin your whole effort. If you know zip about the tools then you may ask for guidance from your friend or reliable shopkeeper. Buy good quality tools otherwise you will end up regretting.

2) Buy an assortment of nails

This will give you different sizes of the nails of same type. This will minimize the chances of going to market again and again for nails and will be available every time you need.

3) Buy a drill and a driver

A drill machine and driver will save your time and you will be able to finish the work soon. Properly train your kids for using these tools!

The most important thing for woodworking plans for kids is the wood. You must thoroughly examine the wood before buying it to avoid any sort of aftermath. The wood should be of good quality because it will determine the appearance of your kid`s final product.

The difference between layman and architect is that the former does not know how his effort will look like once it is completed while the latter one exactly knows how it will look like. We do not have to be extremely skillful, instead a little knowledge about tools and their use would be sufficient to complete the project.

Woodworking plans for kids can be an interesting pastime that enhances a child’s creative abilities in addition. With practice, they can become skilled at making low cost and simple, yet elegant objects for daily use. Children should be encouraged at adopting such useful hobbies which improve their artistic skills.

Below we have listed one simple woodworking project plan for your kid:

wooden flower magnets
Example of nice wooden flower magnets

Wooden Flower Magnet

These beautiful homemade magnets are easily made and add to the beauty of the room. This project requires a couple of days to be completed due to needing drying time between the coats of paint.


  • – 6-8 mm thick board of plywood
  • – 4 mm thick plywood pieces (flowers)
  • – paint brushes
  • – Magnetic paint
  • – White, spring green, corn blue and the dark green acrylic paints
  • – Self adhesive magnets
  • – Flower stencil
  • – Masking tape
  • – stenciling brush
  • – Paper towels
  • – Hanger or hook for hanging the board


  • Step 1

Take a thick board and cut out a shape of flower. 3 coats of magnet paint must be then coated on them with the difference of 12 hours in each coat. 3 coats will be sufficient to grant the board a good magnetic surface.

  • Step 2

As soon the magnetic paint gets dried, paint the board with blue and allow it to dry.

wooden flower magnet
Another beautiful set of wooden flower magnets.
  • Step 3

Take your stencil brush absorb magnetic paint on it and allow it to dry as soon as you feel it dry wipe it with a paper towel in order to remove and wetness.

  • Step 4

Now choose your color and fill the open areas of stencil. You can choose 2 shades of green color to give a trendy look to the leaves and to the stem as well so the stem may have a deep touch.

  • Step 5

You have to keep on stenciling until the design is pasted on the board.

  • Step 6

Small flowers must be painted white. As soon they dry you can give the borders a green dry touch.

  • Step 7

Back of the flowers must be attached with the magnets. As soon the board is finished attach hooks or hanger on its back side.

So this shows how a simple and easy activity can make children produce some extraordinary creations. They will not only enjoy it but it will give them a great opportunity to learn something constructive and useful. You just need to draft a woodwork plan for kids that you think will be enjoyed by your little ones. The rest will be done by your kids. You will see that by engaging him/her in these activities, their capabilities will flourish.

In our “Woodworking Plans Download” area you will find even more amazing woodworking project plans – for free!

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