5 Important Tips When Woodworking for Kids

woodworking for kids

Kids are curious and inquisitive beings. They always love to explore and learn new things. Many children take interest in woodworking right from a very young age. If your kid is one of them, you should try engaging him in simple woodworking projects. This way he will have a chance to learn the essential skills…

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Easy Wooden Projects That Beginners Can Try

easy wood project

Channeling you creative ideas and skills into wood is a great idea. If you love working with wood, you should seek guidance and training from a skilled woodworker to be initiated in this field. It can be taken up as a hobby and if later if you find that you have a special knack for…

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8 Easy Woodwork Projects That Novices Can Try

For a beginner in the field of woodworking, working with wood may seem quite complicated to be enjoyable. People who are uninitiated in the field, often find it daunting and overwhelming. Terms like mitered joints, mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints, chamfer bevels, etc., are enough to intimidate people. However, once people get started with…

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9 Top Articles From Fine Woodworking For Beginners

woodworking safety

The Fine Woodworking magazine is one of the finest resources on woodworking which can help anyone who is interested in woodworking. There are many aspects of this craft that any woodworker should be well versed with, to be able to take up woodworking professionally. The Fine Woodworking site features a number of informative articles, how-to…

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3 Tipps To Consider Before Working With Wood

work with wood

One thing, that every aspiring woodworker should know, is that working with wood is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need a certain level of understanding and dedication, to know what you want to achieve by gaining this skill. If you want to work with wood as a hobby, it could most certainly turn out…

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Woodworking At Home – Things You Absolutely Need

woodworking at home

Woodworking is a hobby that needs you to have a well-equipped wood shop that should contain all your equipment, as well as, the lumber you will be suing. Woodworking at home, may not seem like the ideal way to practice woodworking, but for those who do not have any other option, you can only make…

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7 Detailed Wood Projects For Beginners

picture frame

Working with wood is a great creative pursuit that can be extremely rewarding and can help you in channelizing your energy towards something really productive. Of course, there are other reasons as well as to why people find themselves attracted towards this craft. The wooden furniture and crafts displayed at stores and showrooms surely look…

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6 Must Have Basic Woodturning Tools and Their Uses

complete set of woodturning tools

Woodturning as a creative hobby is quite satisfying and rewarding. With the use of suitable woodturning tools and equipments one can churn a number of decorative and functions items from wood. The possibilities can be numerous, right from bowls, vases, boxes, platters, to various types of hollow forms, utensils, etc. If you are a woodturning…

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Big Collection Of Great Woodworking Plans For Kids

wooden flower magnets

Summers are here and you must be looking forward to spend a valuable time with your kids. Summer is the best time to teach your children some other skills other than regular study and reading. It will not only make them vigilant but they will get a chance to learn a lot. If you are…

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All You Need To Know About Hand Wood Planes

hand plane

One of the tools whose importance in woodworking has not diminished over the years are perhaps wood planes. They can be typically used to smooth, straighten or shape any piece of wood or lumber. Undoubtedly an indispensable tool, that is a must have in any woodworker’s tool kit. Whether you want to shave the edge of…

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